I was helping a customer in the RC department today; we were also hosting a birthday party and a game tournament. The kids were cheering as they launched stomp rockets and someone at the tournament made an impossible dice roll and all of the players shouted “Whoa!” The customer stopped mid-sentence, looked me in the … Read More.

Keep your kids creative this summer, Fundemonium is offering Summer Camps beginning in June. All camps are from Monday through Friday and run from 10:00am to 1:00pm or 2:30pm. Check out the details for each camp: June 12th: BOT BASH JUNE 5-DAY CAMP, 2017 June 19th: RC CAR 5-DAY SUMMER CAMP 1 June 26th: FUN SCIENCE, … Read More.

Our fourth Game Night was a drama of epic proportions as we ventured into a six-player game of DungeonQuest Revised Edition. DungeonQuest RE is a push-your-luck fantasy game where you enter a dragon’s lair and try to escape with your life and at least one piece of loot. In this game you are lucky to … Read More.

Fundemonium wishes you a safe and exciting memorial day. We'd like to offer a special thanks to those who have served our country. Our freedom to have FUN is possible only through your service and commitment! Again, thank you! FUN Saturday: 10am - 9pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm Monday: 10am - 5pm
Visit Fundemonium you must. Save you will, 20% OFF all Star Wars themed items. Save 30% OFF all Star Wars themed items if as a Star Wars character you dress. Have fun your young padawan will making light sabers in Kidtivities for only $7. May 4th only.