One of the coolest things about LEGOs is that they never get old, and people are always coming up with new creative Lego ideas.

Two entire generations of parents and grandparents have grown up with LEGOs, and a third generation of parents is coming of age, as well. For over 60 years now, kids have dedicated hours of their playtime to building, creating, imagining, and playing with LEGO bricks.

And, for almost 60 years, parents have found stray bricks laying around with their bare feet in the middle of the night or early in the morning! Yet the fun never stops. And the holidays are a special time not only for families and children but for LEGO building, as well.

Three Fun and Creative LEGO Ideas for a Holiday Display

The world of LEGO sets has undergone a dazzling expansion since 1958.

Today, there are LEGO Star Wars sets, LEGO City, LEGO Friends, LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Technic, LEGO Creator, LEGO Disney, LEGO Marvel, and more! And let’s not forget there is still the LEGO Classic.

In other words, the world of LEGO sets has become the LEGO Set Universe!

Which means that creating a fun holiday display using LEGO bricks is possibly more than just a building challenge – it’s a creative challenge: which sets could you use?

We want to help with that challenge by giving you some fun ideas for building a creative holiday display for your home.


Bring the Magic of Disney and LEGO Together for a Beauty and the Beast HolidayBring the Magic of Disney and LEGO Together for a Beauty and the Beast Holiday

Nothing can be more magical than a magic castle, Disney, and the holidays. With the LEGO Disney Belle and the Beast’s Castle set, the stage is ready for a truly magical holiday display.

For a truly winter wonderland feel, you can sprinkle soft flake snow over everything once you’ve built the Belle and the Beast’s castle using easy material found in the model railroad supplies. And that’s not all: with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can add other things to your magic castle display like miniature pine trees already flocked with snow.

And, depending on how much holiday spirit you want for your display, decorations can be strung from the castle towers and even lights!

One avid LEGO fan explains how at The Brick Blogger,

“Would you like to light up your LEGO sets? LEGO does provide a light & power kit, but unfortunately it is $30, you only get 2 lights, and the battery-pack is really big!  However, there is another solution for LEGO-fans: LifeLites! LifeLites provides micro lighting-systems, so you can easily add dynamic lighting effects to LEGO models, model railroads, dollhouses, and more! The starter kit costs half the price of the LEGO lights but gives twice the lights! Also, LifeLites are small and can fit anywhere. At the size of a LEGO brick these might as well be the smallest lighting kits in the world! Just plop in your LifeLites kit where a 2×4 brick would go, leave a little area for the lights to go through, hook them up under a clear brick and there you go; lights in you LEGO bricks!”

And finally, if you really want to go all out with your Beauty and the Beast holiday display, you could set up a small sound system to play all the music from the movie to go along with your LEGO set display.


A Holiday Shopping Display with LEGO Friends

Nothing says “holidays” like a trip to the shopping mall to look for presents.

And a fun and creative LEGO set holiday display idea is to build and decorate a LEGO Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall. The Heartlake City Shopping Mall set includes six characters, including a micro-doll, Emma, and her family. It features five stores and two separate play pieces. The photo booth and fashion turntable are separate from the main set and can become interactive toys that are small enough to take with you to play with friends.

Kids will love the challenge of building this 1,032-piece set and the dazzling, 3-story set will take center stage as a holiday display and is sure to wow friends and family.

For Younger Kids: Holiday’s with LEGO MinionsHoliday’s with LEGO Minions

Do Minions really celebrate the holidays? You bet they do! And, with their favorite characters in Gru’s basement, your child will have fun celebrating, too, while building this fun LEGO set to use as a holiday display.

With this LEGO Minions in Gru’s Lab buildable toy lab set, your youngster will have great fun building Gru’s underground lair. And they can play with the Minion figures and accessories to recreate scenes from the Minion movies. The Minion figures can drop down the slide before testing the vehicle they’ve built on the ramp. Featuring Minion figures Otto and Kevin, this fun LEGO set includes fences and tools, and even toy bananas! This LEGO set gives kids aged four and up a fun way to learn to build, and it can make for a fun and festive holiday display.

Fundemonium is Your Source for Fun Lego Sets for the Holidays

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