We recently pinned down our resident expert and possibly Number One slot car racing fan, Andrew Moore.

Since Fundemonium has recently installed a new slot car track, we thought it would be a good idea to have Andres tell us about some of the great features of the beautiful new track and share them with our Fundemonium fans

“The new slot car track at Fundemonium is a Green Pinched Mini King Track. That means that the track is smaller than the standard ‘Blue King’ commercial slot car tracks that you will see all around the world. And it has only four lanes rather than the standard eight lanes, giving it the ‘Pinched Mini King’ name’. The Green Pinched Mini King Track is the top layout for 1/24 scale slot car racing around the world.”

1/24 slot cars are primarily raced on commercial slot car raceways across the country on large tracks that can exceed 155 feet and typically have eight lanes. 

And maybe you’re wondering how big a 1/24 slot car actually is? Well, a slot car version of a Jaguar XK-E would be almost 8 inches long at that scale.

5 Features of Fundemonium's New Slot Car Track

Andrew also explained some of the specific features of the new slot car track:

“This track is a hand-built, wooden routed track from Bob Scott of Cruizin Slot Cars in Arizona. Wooden routed tracks also use either steel or brass braid for power. Ours uses steel braid. Steel braid allows the track to run 1/32 cars with magnets, which most companies such as Scalextrics and Carrera use in their vehicles.”

So, to summarize, Fundemonium’s premium new slot car track features are that it is:

  • A Green Pinched Mini King Track with 4 lanes
  • The top layout for 1/24 scale slot car racing around the world
  • Runs both 1/24 slot cars and 1/32 cars with magnets
  • Made with steel braid in the slots which allows for the 1/32 cars
  • Custom hand-built using only premium slot car components

Oh, and the best feature of all is that it’s TONS OF FUN!!!


A Night at the Races! Slot Car Racetrack Fun Each Week at Fundemonium

Mini Blue King Slot Car Track

Turns out that the new slot car track at Fundemonium doesn’t sit idle in between testing out cars and the occasional birthday party. 

While extolling the exciting features of the unique slot car racetrack that sits in a prominent place near the center of the building, Andrew shared another aspect of his slot car passion:

“We also race on the track every Thursday night from 7 until 9 pm. The race series that we run is called the JK Box Stock Series. All vehicles in this class have the out-of-the-box specs from our JK Products ready-to-run (RTR) vehicles. 

In this series, racers are allowed to run LeMans Prototype, Nascar, or Nastruck bodies, and run a 48k rpm motor. These are fast cars that will do our track in under four seconds. The fastest time has been 3.689 seconds!

By the way, if that kind of slot action sounds like fun to you, Andrew noted that Fundemonium is offering an entire package with a controller, car, bottle of oil, and some free track time. And all for just $159.99! 

Andrew also spoke about some of the future plans he has for the new Fundemonium slot car racetrack:

“I am planning on starting a strict Nascar Series, hopefully starting here in the next few weeks. This class will use a slower 25k rpm motor and run a specific tire and stock car, Nascar, or Car-of-Tomorrow bodies. For specifics on any slot car class check the website under the Events page for slot car racing.”

So, that means more slot car racing fun to look forward to!


When Slot Car Racing Can Be a Special Event – Slot Car Racing Birthday Parties

Oh! And one more thing: We can also make our cool, new slot car track available for a fast-paced and fun birthday party event here at Fundemonium.

Never raced slot cars before? No problem! Our official Fundemonium Crew Chief will show you how to drive slot cars and you’ll get plenty of practice time driving around the racetrack. Then, after you and all your party guests have had a chance to practice driving their slot cars, the real racing begins! 

You and your guests will race at a time, while everyone else gets to be the “pit crew.” Slot cars that wipe out or crash must be put back on the track – that’s the job of the pit crew. Slot car races can last up to three minutes, and everyone will have the chance to race several times.

And, finally, all the race results are announced at the end of your party.


Slot Cars, Slot Car Tracks, and Slot Car Racing – Fun Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

At Fundemonium, we know how to have fun!

And slot car racing on our unique, new racetrack is just one of the ways we do that.

That’s because Fundemonium is more than a toy store – it’s a fun family experience, where families can meet and explore all the fun toys, games, and hobby items they enjoy. 

Fundemonium is also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can enjoy creative fun. And, of course, we have a great variety of slot cars to choose from along with all our games, toys, hobby products, and even model railroading products for a completely different kind of fun track adventure! 

And, because we’re all about having fun, you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff are serious about helping you have fun.

We always do our best to quickly respond to website inquiries about slot cars (and more!) or you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701.

Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.

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