The venerable Lego bricks.

Probably everyone reading this had some Legos as a child, which is not a far-fetched thought since they’ve been around for decades. In fact, Legos were introduced in the United States in 1962, and the first LEGOs came in loose sets of bricks. The company began in Denmark in 1932 and, today, LEGO® is the fourth largest toy manufacturer in the world.

And not a few parents have some perhaps not-so-fond memories of stepping on stray Lego bricks during the night!

Marvel comics began around the same time back in 1939 by a man named Martin Goodman. Other names fondly associated with the Marvel Universe as it’s referred to today were Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. And, though most youngsters today are familiar with the likes of Spiderman, Thor, Ironman, and Captain America, they were not the first.

According to an entry at,

“The first comic book issued by Marvel’s precursor Timely Comics, in October 1939, featured the debut of the characters Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, the Angel, Ka-Zar, and the Masked Raider.”

Fast forward about 70 years, or seven decades, and the breadth of the Marvel Universe has exploded much like a nova. And the same can be said for the dazzling array of LEGO® sets being produced. But, best of all, these two super-entities have joined forces to create some fun Marvel LEGO® sets sure to make any Marvel and LEGO® fan happy!

With that in mind, here are some Marvel LEGO® sets from Fundemonium for hours of fun.


A Brief Look at Seven Marvel LEGO® Sets You Just Gotta Have!

Lego Marvel Venom


This LEGO Venom sculpture is designed for older kids and adult fans of Venom and the Spider-Man movies.

Build and display one of the most feared characters in the Marvel Universe with LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Venom. This striking ‘build-and-display model’ has the authentic features of the gruesome alien symbiote. With a stylish name plaque and a sturdy base, this remarkable model will make an impressive display.


Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man 

LEGO® Marvel Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man.

This set is sure to take young Marvel fans to another dimension of build-and-play and imaginary adventures with LEGO® Marvel Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man.

This landmark LEGO® Marvel set designed for kids aged 8 and up, lets them recreate scenes from the animated Marvel Studios’ What If…? series on Disney+ and encourages them to explore and create their own new stories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This exciting Marvel Cinematic Universe expansion features three mini-figures of Tony Stark, Valkyrie, and The Watcher. In addition, it includes a buildable mech that can also be rebuilt into a totally awesome car!


Thor Mech Armor 

LEGO® Marvel Avengers Classic Thor Mech Armor

In keeping with the mech theme, you can take the superhero action to a gigantic level with the mighty, LEGO® Marvel Avengers Classic Thor Mech Armor to give your superhero-in-training aged 7 and up a hands-on treat.

This set comes with a LEGO® Avenger’s Thor mini-figure, a buildable mech with its own large hammer that fits in its gripping hand. Of course, there is also a smaller version of the hammer for the Thor mini-figure that can also be attached to the mech’s leg. The Thor mini-figure can go inside into the mech through the opening cockpit, and the movable mech and its super-sized hammer can then be used to engage in epic imaginary battles with a whole universe of bad guys.


Captain America Mech Armor

LEGO® Marvel Avengers Classic Captain America Mech Armor

LEGO® Marvel Avengers Classic Captain America Mech Armor is a superhero treat on a super scale! Built for kids ages 7 and up, this set comes complete with a massively mighty, movable mech and a Captain America mini-figure.

The buildable mech comes with a large shield that fits in its gripping hand. There is a suitably sized, smaller shield for the Captain America mini-figure that also attaches to the mech’s leg. The mech cockpit can be opened and the Captain America minifigure placed inside to take control and then save the world. Use the movable mech’s super-sized shield to battle villains and relive favorite movie scenes.


Spider-Man and Ghost Rider V.s Carnage

LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage

LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage is a premium playset packed with imaginative play possibilities featuring three iconic characters from the Marvel Universe.

This superset provides kids ages 7 and up with endless possibilities to build, play and show off their creations, while they role-play through endless and spectacular superhero adventures. The set includes Spider-Man, Carnage, and Ghost Rider mini-figures. Ghost Rider’s dazzling car has removable flames, a removable roof, and a 3-stud-shooter supercharger mounted on the hood.


Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown

LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown

This version of the LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown set is a superhero treat designed to develop the dexterity and boost the building confidence of youngsters aged 4 and up.

Your child can play with friends to help Spider-Man keep the super villain Sandman from creating a devastating sand tornado. Once that mission is accomplished, they can recreate movie scenes or come up with endless superhero adventures of their own. 

The set includes Spider-Man and Sandman mini-figures, a cool spider-buggy, and a working sand catapult.


Lego Marvel Infinity Saga Avengers: Endgame Final Battle

Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle

The ultimate Marvel Avengers playset – Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle – features an impressive cast of The ultimate Marvel Avengers playset Marvel characters: Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Thanos and even a Chitauri warrior.

This LEGO set is packed with features to inspire hours of imaginative play and super-hero adventures at the Avengers compound. There is Iron Man’s lab, where the awesome Nano Gauntlet is being constructed, a high-security prison cell, a superhero’s meeting area, and a truck that contains a secret time-travelling machine.


LEGO and Marvel: A Fun and Fantastic Combination for Kids of All Ages

You’ll find several fun, challenging, and imagination-stirring Marvel LEGO sets for kids, young and old, at Fundemonium.

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