Kids love to use their imaginations.    They revel in make-believe and pretending. Imaginary surroundings and fantastical scenarios fill their play time. But there is something almost magical about remote control toys for kids. It’s like make-believe coming a step closer to real life!   [h3] More Than Planes, Cars, and Drones   There was … Read More.

Kids have occupied and entertained themselves with some form of arts and crafts for probably as long as there have been kids. In America, we know that a popular toy for girls was handcrafted from corn husks, for example.  Corn husk dolls had been made by Northeastern Native Americans long before the Colonists arrived from England, … Read More.

When it comes to discussing the various reasons that remote control, or radio control, cars are beneficial to kids, it’s tempting to simply say, “Because they’re fun!” And, while this is certainly true, there are far more benefits for remote control car users than just having a great time. Why Remote Control Cars? Interactive toys … Read More.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our virtual LEGO show. We saw many creative and FUN builds. Congratulations to Zoe Rebecchi who won our gift card.

The Fundemonium modeling community stepped up to share their photos of scale model tanks, planes, cars, trucks, and science fiction subjects. We had over 26 entries in our Facebook contest and Andrew with his Wildcat was picked as the winner of a Fundemonium Gift Card. Click the pictures to see a larger version, it’s worth … Read More.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Virtual Miniature Paint Show. We had many great entries and Diego had the entry chosen at random to win a gift certificate. Click the pictures to see a larger version, it’s worth taking a good look.

In the shipping industry, January 2nd is referred to as National Returns Day. That is when the bulk of the defective, rejected, and wrong-sized failures from holiday purchases are sent back. UPS projected a whopping 26% increase in returns over the previous year, the seventh record breaking increase in a row. What is staggering is … Read More.

You have to experience Fundemonium. Don’t just click and pay online, or shop and go at the discount store; at Fundemonium we want you to Try, Stay, and Play! Check our calendar for FUN activities and events that we host everyday. Consider having your next party at Fundemonium. We host exciting, premium parties that appeal … Read More.

Tru Kids is bringing back Toys R Us as a Fundemonium. I’m amused that the venture capitalists are touting as a major retail innovation something Fundemonium has been doing for 15 years. Two Toys R Us stores will open in Texas and New Jersey for the holiday season. An article about the new Toys R … Read More.

Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day – NO Thank You! Don’t call me Mom and Pop. We are not some doddering couple shuffling around a quaint but unkempt little shop. Don’t call me Brick and Mortar. I am not some crumbling old building on the corner of downtown. Don’t call me a … Read More.