By definition, a “toy” is something for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature version of an object. So, a doll or a Tonka Truck, for example, can represent a classic example of a toy.

So, why the vocabulary lesson?

Because it could be argued that what we generically refer to as “creative toys” are not always toys, strictly speaking. But we’re not speaking “strictly” here. And the kids who love creative toys and look forward to getting more of them (say, for Christmas, perhaps?) just know that they’re fun, and putting them together feels like play.

In addition, when we talk about creative toys for kids, what passes for “creative toys” is usually something that has to be built, assembled, or somehow put together.

And kids love them!


Fundemonium Has Cool Creative Toys for Kids

Although the list may not be endless, it is long; not exhaustive, but it could be exhausting.

The list of what, you ask? The list of all the engaging and fun creative toys that you can find throughout the magical world of Fundemomium.


Model Cars 1960 Chevy Custom Fleetside Pickup w/Go Kart 1:25 Scale Model Kit AMT1063

Model car kits have been the mainstay of “creative toys” in the United States since the 1940s. Although, the first plastic models were manufactured at the end of 1936 in the United Kingdom. By the late 1940s, several American companies such as Hawk, Varney, Empire, Revell, and Lindberg began to produce plastic models.

Today they are considered a bit “old school” by some, given the expansive range of easy-to-build snap-together kits, diecast metal model cars, and the vicarious thrill of RC cars. However, the market is still strong due in large part to the fact that building a model car kit is fun, challenging, and supremely gratifying for kids.

At Fundemonium, we carry one of the largest selections of plastic model car kits in Sonoma County. And, in addition to cars, we have tanks, ships, planes, helicopters, and spacecraft model kits. And, while these are all great and appeal to different kids with varying interests, the model car kit has the oldest pedigree and provides hours of fun play even after the model car is built!


Assembly Kits


Ugears Horse-Mechanoid Model

Perhaps older even than plastic model kits are assembly kits.

These can range from all-metal structures and scaled-down models of vehicles, animals, and buildings, to all-wood assemblages that are either glued together or, more often than not, fitted together much like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

One of the most popular assembly kits lines comes from a Ukrainian company called Ugears.

According to their website, this relatively new manufacturer produces “unique, self-propelled, wooden mechanical DIY models, puzzle boxes and educational toys,” according to their website. With kits representing both real-world structures and devices and fantastical and imaginary creations, these Ugear models are creative toys that challenge both the building skills and the imagination of their young builders.

Another captivating line of wooden model kits based on mechanical gears is ROKR. Makers of intricate assembly kits such as a steampunk-inspired air vehicle are truly cool creative toys for kids of ANY age!


The venerable Jigsaw puzzle is another perennial favorite in the “creative toys for kids” category is the venerable Jigsaw puzzle.

These have engaged and entertained children for decades, from toddler-level puzzles with less than ten pieces to more challenging jigsaw puzzles of 32 to 100 pieces. And, as kids get older, they can take on far more intricate puzzles of 500 or more pieces in addition to 3-dimensional puzzles and other variations.

According to one source,

“Engraver and mapmaker John Spilsbury is credited with inventing the first jigsaw puzzle in 1767. He drew a map on top of a piece of wood, then used a jigsaw to cut it into small pieces.”

And did you know that a person who assembles jigsaw puzzles is called a dissectologist? That’s because in the 18th and 19th-century jigsaw puzzles were called “dissected maps” and “dissected puzzles.” Today we simply say, “Let’s do a jigsaw puzzle!” and have at it.

So, when it’s crunch time for Christmas gift buying, and you need something for that kid on your list – or those “kids of any age” – a jigsaw puzzle be the final piece to finish that challenge!


Creative Toys to Inspire, Educate, and Provide Fun!

You’ll discover dozens of intriguing and engaging creative toys for kids at Fundemonium.

We carry many award-winning products that help kids learn about natural sciences, electronics, and robotics and have fun doing it.

Fundemonium is more than a store – it’s a fun family experience, where families and fans of science and technology can meet and explore all the fun ways to enjoy them. And Fundemonium is also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can enjoy creative fun. Along with our great selection of creative toys, we have tons of games, kits, and hobby products for your entire family.

And you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff makes it their business to help you have fun.

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