Updated December 10th.

A new Health Order was handed down to take effect December 12th. Many have asked how it affects Fundemonium and if we are still open.

YES. We are open and will remain open under the guidance proposed for the coming weeks.

A view of Fundemonium decorated for Christmas

A view of Fundemonium decorated for Christmas

Here is where we stand and what we are doing:

Stores like Fundemonium can operate at 20% capacity. That still accommodates 30 to 40 people in the store at a time.
(We do not currently get that many people all at once.)

If you wish to shop when fewer people are present the best hours are weekday mornings from 10am to 11am and weekday afternoons from 4pm to 6pm.

Fundemonium loves helping customers find the perfect item!All Fundemonium employees wear masks all the time. When you arrive at Fundemonium make sure you are wearing a proper mask and that it covers both your mouth and nose.

  • Children over the age of two must be masked.
  • If you need a mask we have free disposable masks for your use.
  • If for any reason you cannot wear a mask we will gladly support your shopping at an outside table for the health and safety of our other customers and employees.

We have hand sanitizer stationed near the door and at other locations around the store. We also wipe down our shopping baskets and credit card terminals.

We have remodeled the store to provide more openness and have marks on the floor to maintain distance while waiting to check out.

After consulting with local Health Officers we have completed installation of clear barriers at our check out counters.

We have recently had our ventilation systems serviced by Valley Comfort Heating and Air and air filters replaced.

We are clean, safe, and open to serve you. You are welcome to shop inside Fundemonium while following healthy practices for your protection. For added precaution, you are welcome to choose curbside delivery or shipping too.