While all of us have been celebrating birthdays with parties since we were small children, as did our parents and even grandparents, the tradition is not that old here in America.

Granted, the practice of celebrating the anniversary of one’s day of birth can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, and it was not a common practice in the United States until just a few generations ago.

As one article noted,

“Not until the 19th century—perhaps around 1860 or 1880—did middle-class Americans commonly do so, and not until the early 20th century were birthday celebrations a tradition nationwide. In fact, the song “Happy Birthday” is not far beyond its own 100th birthday.”

Today, however, it is an established custom, especially the child’s birthday party which has become a major family and life event in many homes.

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Making a Birthday Celebration an Event to Be Remembered

For most older parents and grandparents, the typical birthday party consisted of having some friends over to the house and sitting around a table in the kitchen or the backyard, to eat cake and ice cream and then watch Suzie or Bobby open presents.

Today, not so much…

Increasingly – and understandably – parents want to give their children birthday parties that are both fun and memorable. And that often means having the celebration somewhere besides the living room or back porch.

Parents are always on the lookout for new, exciting, and interesting venues for hosting their child’s birthday parties. And this is true in Sonoma County as well as elsewhere. One of the difficulties for these parents is that, In the past, there were relatively few options for kids parties.

There were, of course, venues such as Chuck E Cheese, Toobtown, or laser tag arenas. However, the emphasis at most of these and other party places was on physicality, jumping, climbing, or running through laser tag shooting arenas.

While this was a fine option for some kids, those who were not-so-athletic often found them intimidating. In fact, many kids who are more creative and relationship-based often feel left out in these types of play environments.

Also, the venues that relied solely on eating pizza and playing in a video arcade just weren’t all that much fun.

And what good is a child’s birthday party if it isn’t FUN?

LEGO party Nolan cake

Kids Love Parties and Parents Want to Love Giving Kids Parties

Parents especially find many aspects of these common birthday party venues to be lacking as well as often unstructured. Typical complaints among parents are that:


  • The party hosts often only serve pizza
  • Kids run around unsupervised from one attraction to another
  • The Birthday Child is often left out in the chaos
  • Kids are playing next to each other rather than with each other
  • Activities consist mostly of video arcade games
  • Parents are bored and become increasingly agitated


In stark contrast to this, our Fundemonium parties are genuinely fun for the whole family!

We understand that parents not only want their child and the party guests to have fun during that special day, but also want to give their birthday boy or girl an experience that they will remember for years to come.

Parents invest a substantial amount of time, effort, and resources into their child’s birthday celebrations and the party is often the highlight and centerpiece of those celebrations. It is only fair that these parents should feel that the venue and activities provided will serve to make the party exceptional and fun.

And, at Fundemonium, we also understand that parents only get a handful of parties with their young children so we strongly believe that parents should enjoy those parties, too.

As one mom recently said,

“We came for a kid’s party, and I don’t know who had more fun; my son or my husband.”


Fundemonium Has All the Ingredients for Making Your Child’s Birthday Party Special

A Fundemonium party is different. One could even go so far as to say “Funde-mentally” different.”

Seriously though – think about it: if you’re a child, what could be better than a birthday party in a toy

store? And not just any birthday party – Fundemonium offers multiple party themes to spark your child’s  imagination while delivering the most unique and best party ever!

There are party themes to appeal to all kinds of kids. They can thrill to slot car racing or radio control car racing, have a blast with a Funbot’s Play Party, or get into some serious fun building LEGO® sets or experimenting with science, and even get creative making toy animals, crafts, or scale models. In fact, we even take it a step further:

  • Fundemonium party hosts will help the birthday child create a gift list of favorite toys.
  • Guests can confidently shop the gift list secure that they are picking the perfect present and avoiding duplications.
  • Fundemonium staff will wrap the gifts and even hold them until the party to make gift giving easy.


Every kid can have fun at a Fundemonium party.

And because we understand that all kids are different – and parents are, too – we customize each party to match the desires of the party parents and to personalize it for the party child.


A Party at Fundemonium is a Premium Personalized Party

Parties can be set up and enjoyed with one of our fun and highly popular party themes or they can be customized to make for the perfect party for your child.

Typically, our parties last for two hours with 30 minutes given for casual activity while your guests arrive, one hour of host-led activities, and then another 30 minutes in a Party Room for cake and presents.

At Fundemonium, we make your party planning experience our priority. For example, families receive custom personal care from the day they first call to enquire about a party. One of our expert Party Hosts are on hand to help plan the party and deliver the party experience to ensure that everyone has fun.

In addition, we decorate the room with the Party Child’s favorite colors, create a birthday sign, and collect guest signatures. While the Party Child gets to control the activity, we make sure that parents have fun too. And host parents can help as little or as much as they like.

We believe strongly that our fun party experience is the best around and we’re not the only ones.

In fact, we have a multitude of raving reviews from happy parents and others who’ve experienced the joy and fun of a Fundemonium themed party.

RC Party Pizza in the party room 071121

We Don’t Have to Toot Our Own Party Horn When Our Fundemonium Fans Do It for Us

When it comes to creating fun, we do it best with hosting Kids Parties. Which is why Fundemonium has been nominated two years in a row as one of the top places in Sonoma County for a Kids Party.

What is it that makes Fundemonium such a great place for kids parties?

We provide creative and imaginative experiences with a premium level of service. And when parents comment on their experience with hosting parties at Fundemonium, frequently used terms are “easy”, “effortless”, had a blast”, “amazing”, “awesome” and, of course, “fun!”

In fact, just look at some of these reviews about our parties:


“My son just had his 8th birthday party here and he picked the Science Theme party. It was easy to book, they provided everything we needed including candles!! We just provided the cake!

All of the kids ages ranging from 5-10 had a great time! such a fun toy store and great place to host birthday parties! They have so many different themes for birthday parties too which are a great!” – Nicole C


“By far the best birthday party staff/location… Here they are on top of it and are prepared for what’s coming next. They had great communication with me and were very flexible to what I wanted. The party host kept all the kids engaged. We had a RC car party and my 5 and 7 year old loved it. When parties ago as good as it did here it’s worth the cost!” – Kari S


“Our family loves Fundemonium. They always have the coolest toys and gifts! The staff is always so friendly and helpful. My daughter just recently celebrated her birthday party here and it was an absolute blast! Jean and her crew were able to engage the girls in a BFF party with slime making, creating lip balms and lava lamps. It was such a chill birthday that I could relax and let them take over. I was so grateful!  My daughter had the best time and she was thrilled that she was able to have a science/art craft bday party. Thanks to all the crew at Fundemonium! Best toy store in SoCo!” – Kristi S

And these are just a few of the hundreds of grateful and enthusiastic reviews Fundemonium has been privileged to receive over the years.

Are you looking to plan a birthday party for your child? Or maybe you want to have a party to celebrate some other special event? Create lasting memories with a party at Fundemonium.


Fundemonium is Your Ultimate Local Birthday Party Destination

When you’re planning the ultimate birthday party and need a fun venue, you need look no further than Fundemonium. And, for the best toy, game, and hobby items in Sonoma County, Fundemonium has you covered for that, as well, because we are Rohnert Park’s premier headquarters for family fun!

Not only will you find the biggest selection of quality toys, games, kits, and hobby items here, but you can also discover many fun things to do here in addition to a great place for parties.

Which is why we are fond of saying that Fundemonium is much more than a toy and hobby store. In fact, Fundemonium is a family Joy Store

We are also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can meet, enjoy creative fun, and participate in a wide variety of local events. In addition to all that, we have an excellent selection of science kits, games, toys, and hobby products for your entire family.

And, of course, we great place for having fun and unforgettable birthday parties!

At Fundemonium, you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff makes it their business to help you have fun because our mission is to put the “Fun” in Fundemonium!

We always respond quickly to website inquiries about any of our parties, products, and events. And you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701. Just give us a call during our business hours to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.


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