Shop and Support

Get a percentage of what your supported buy on a special date.


Shop and Support Fundraiser

This program is simpler to run but has less flexibility for your supporters.

  • Fundemonium will work with you to pick a Shop and Support date.

  • You promote that date and encourage your supporters to shop at Fundemonium and identify that they are participating in your Shop and Support program.

  • Fundemonium will donate 15% of purchases made by your supporters.

  • We will present you with a check for the donation within a week following the event.

You receive your benefit quicker dependent on your supporters shopping on the selected date.

Here is an example of possible results:

  • Say you get the 50 supporters to attend a Shop and Support event.

  • If those 50 supporters spend an average of $40, you receive a donation of $300 from Fundemonium.
    (50 x $40 x 15%)

Encouraging greater turn-out and larger purchases results in a larger donation for your group.


    Fundemonium is your Fun Event Headquarters!

    We love having events for our dedicated modelers, rc enthusiasts, miniature painters and gamers of all genres. Check below to see the latest in our store events:

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    Don’t Call Us Mom and Pop

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    Join Fundemonium For Our Weekly Events!

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