If you grew up reading comics back in the 60s and 70s you may remember all the alluring and odd advertisements in the back of many of those comic books. Everything a kid could want or dream of seemed to be for sale in those pages!

Sea Monkeys, Invisible Ink Pens, Ant Farms, and even working submarine toys for the bathtub. But there were certain toy items that had a special appeal to those of us who were budding practical jokers:

black ink chewing gum, the joy hand buzzer or joy buzzer, and the all-time favorite – the whoopee cushion.

Many unsuspecting parents, siblings, and playmates found themselves victims to the embarrassment of the rude sounds that would suddenly emanate from a chair or couch cushion. And along with the howls of laughter would be indignant denials that it was something they did.

Yeah… whoopie cushions were a blast. (No pun intended…)

Then there were the joy buzzers, sometimes known as hand buzzers since they were designed to be held in the hand of the prankster. Of course, a really devious and inventive joker could find ways to place the joy buzzer on chairs or in beds when possible.

With the great variety of prank toys available throughout the years, the promise of much fun was certain.

Fortunately, those days have not gone the way of the classic comic book ads, however. In fact, it is possible to get your hands on many new and classic prank toys and either re-live some of your most cherished childhood moments or introduce your own children or grandchildren to the silliness and plain, old fun of prank toys.

However, one does have to wonder where something like a Whoopee Cushion came from anyway?

Classic Prank Toys and Jokester Toys Have Sparked A Comeback!


A Peek at the Origin of Whoopee Cushions and Other Classic Prank Toys

The historic origins of the venerable whoopee – or whoopie – cushion is still being debated by serious scholars who specialize in such matters. However, what we do know for certain is that we can thank our friends in Canada for this refreshingly funny prank toy.

According to one account,

“The Whoopee Cushion, as we know it today, came into existence in the 1930s when it was reinvented by the JEM Rubber Company in Toronto. The rubber company developed an inflatable rubber bag that ‘farted’ when forcibly deflated. While such gags were commercially available in prankster catalogs, none could compete with the explosive blast of JEM’s rubber fart bag.

In search of a marketing and distribution partner, JEM Rubber called upon the New Jersey-based novelty conglomerate S.S. Adams Company in 1930. At the time; and to this day, the company’s founder was known as the ‘father of novelty pranks.’ A crafty inventor, Soren Sorensen Adams invented more than 650 gags, including the joy buzzer, sneezing powder, the stink bomb, the dribble glass, and the classic snake nut can.”

This is perhaps a bit more than most of us care to know about this particular prank toy, but it is at least interesting to note that sales of the timeless trick toy continues unabated.

By the way, no need to go searching for obscure, little ads in the back of low-brow magazines: we have just what you’re looking for when it comes to a classic prank toy like the Whoopee Cushion!

But wait! There’s more…

Maybe mere sound effects are not quite enough to gratify that prankster itch. Perhaps something a bit more pungent would be just the thing. Enter the stink bomb!

The Prank U!™ Fart Bomb stink packets is sure to do the trick. The beauty of this time-honored prank toy is it’s simplicity of use: all one must do is squeeze, drop, and run! The foil stink packet bag will inflate and burst, filling the room with stink.

And what up-and-coming prankster – or old hand – would be truly satisfied without this classic prank toy: an authentic, metal Hand Buzzer? This one is sure to light up a few handshakes and maybe give an unexpected buzz to a casual encounter.

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