Gift giving is probably as old as mankind. And shopping for the perfect gift is a task that probably dates back to the first retail kiosk erected in ancient Mesopotamia, the oldest known civilization.

But, in many ways, little has changed today.

Shopping for someone else and finding that perfect gift can be challenging and even frustrating, but not always fun. Many of us, for example, find ourselves a bit torn between buying something we would like to give and purchasing a gift we know that person would like.

And, more often than not, the gift buying issue is that we have no idea what to get that special someone!

So, what is an earnest gift shopper to do?


Making Shopping Easy – The Rise of the Gift Registry

For those born after, say, 2000, a gift registry for just about any occasion is akin to cell phones and social media – it’s always been a thing.

But for those who were adults prior to 2000 may still find the concept of a “birthday gift registry” or even a “baby shower registry” a bit odd or even tacky. And that isn’t an unusual reaction.

Originally, the purpose of a gift registry was limited to wedding gifts. And that’s only been popular for the last few decades of American history.

One source pointed out,

“In 1924, Marshall Fields created the gift registry, but it wasn’t until the ’50s that the experience really took off. These registries typically included the couple’s basic necessities for moving into their first house — linens, a toaster, silverware.”

And this was pretty much the norm for the next five decades or so. No longer.

As a 2014 story from The New York Times shared,

“’Twenty years ago, registering for baby showers was considered tacky,’ said Nancy Lee, founder of, based in Fort Lee, N.J., which allows users to collect items from multiple retailers in a single list. ‘The notions of what people see as appropriate change. Birthday registries are in an early stage, but they will definitely become more popular; the wish list concept has taken America by storm.’”

Today, we have gift registries for just about any event and occasion. The most popular – aside from the traditional wedding gift registry – are those for Christmas, baby showers, graduations, and birthdays.

And at Fundemonium, it’s the birthdays and birthday gifts that get the most attention, especially when it comes to gift registry items.



Finding That Perfect Gift for That Special Birthday Person

One of the age-old “awkward moments” at almost every birthday party is the opening of bad birthday gifts.

Depending on the age and temperament of the birthday boy or girl, there is either the awkward fake smile, or worse, an audible expression of disappointment. Regardless of the response, it is a moment that everyone involved wants to avoid.

Which is why having a vetted list of birthday gift ideas like our Fundemonium Gift Registry is such a boon for gift shoppers!

Let’s say, for example, you think your birthday child really wants an RC toy of some kind. If you’re like most folks today, you’ll grab your phone and search for “toy store near me” or, you might simply go to the closest, local toy store in Rohnert Park and start looking at what’s available.

Once there, depending on the store and their selection, you’ll likely find a dizzying assortment of cars, planes, boats, robots, and other radio control toys to choose from. And still not have any real idea which one is going to be that “perfect gift.”

Or maybe it’s a game.

Kids love games and many games are incredibly popular. But these trends tend to change, shift, and evolve from one season to the next. You could visit all of your local game stores but, again, without a clear idea of what game to buy, you’re faced with choosing among literally hundreds of different types and genres of games.

Not only is this inefficient and frustrating, it’s also not much fun.

Which is why a trip to Fundemonium, your premier toy store in Rohnert Park, is the way to go. And not only do we have a massive selection of toys of all kinds, but we also have games, RC vehicles and toys, and myriads of hobby and craft items, as well.



Fundemonium – We Make the Gift of Gift Buying Easy

With our in-house gift registry, your gift shopping can be a snap, and finding that perfect gift can be a breeze.

Our commitment to genuine customer service is evident in the knowledge and helpfulness of our staff, the numerous events, and activities that we provide for our customers, and in extras like our superb gift-wrapping service.

Birthdays, graduation, or just about any other time is a wonderful time to shop for the perfect gifts at Fundemonium.

The best thing about Fundemonium is that we love to provide fun! This is why we have tons of toys, games, kits, and hobby items for kids of all ages.

But the truth is that we’re much, much more than a toy, hobby, and game store. We are also a fun family experience – a unique place where families and kids of all ages can meet and play.

We do this by providing a safe and friendly place where adults and children can experience creative fun, a vast selection of toys, games, and hobbies for your entire family, and a knowledgeable and friendly staff whose goal is to help you have fun – any time of year!

We always do our best to respond quickly to inquiries you might make on our website, but you can also find an answer to your questions by giving us a call.

If you’d like to talk with one of our Fundemoniacs, you can call us at (707) 540-0701 during our regular business hours.