Steve and Jean in their Petaluma store in 2004.

Steve and Jean in their Petaluma store in 2004.

Twenty years ago this Summer Steven and Jean Elliott opened their family-focused toy, hobby, game, and activity store. Along the way that store has grown from 6,000 square feet in Petaluma to a 14,000 square foot community hub in Rohnert Park. Fundemonium hosts parties, club meetings, weekly events, major hobby shows, and supports local schools and youth groups through many fundraisers.

To celebrate twenty years in business, the Elliott’s are planning a 20-Year Anniversary Party for Saturday, August 31st. Families are invited to enjoy free cake and hot dogs, receive gift bags, participate in prize give aways, and receive discounts on shopping and activities.

How Fundemonium started

The inspiration for Fundemonium had two parts.

First was the challenge Steve and Jean experienced shopping for toys and hobby supplies for their two children. They had to go to one store for toys, a different store for craft supplies, and yet another store for hobbies. At that time, there were mostly only small stores focused on one category and unfortunately some were not very friendly to families and beginners. There was no single place that could serve the creative play interests of the whole family.

Second was the limited nature of kids party options. Twenty years ago, for most kids parties, families ended up at an arcade game restaurant or at a climbing and jumping facility. It seemed that kid’s parties were always at the same two video arcade and climbing venues. Parents began to dread the thought of attending another kids party.

Fundemonium was designed as an antidote to all of that. Fundemonium welcomes all people and all families and invites them to shop, to stay, and to play.

What makes Fundemonium different

Steve shows a Turbo Twister demoIn this day of impersonal off-price stores with employees who don’t care and online warehouses where shoppers don’t know who they’re dealing with, Fundemonium is a haven for those who still value premium personal service delivered by a staff that is truly interested in helping shoppers find the perfect purchase. This is good old-fashioned customer service built on learning about people and building relationships.

When a customer enters Fundemonium they are warmly greeted, shortly afterward a Fundemonium staff member checks in to learn who they are shopping for or what project they are working on. At Fundemonium we are truly interested in our customers and what they want to do. Adults come in and tell us they are looking for a gift for a young relative or neighbor, then we ask what they know about the child and help to guide them to a present that will bring joy.

Wouldn’t you rather shop with friendly helpful people who really care about you?

Stay and play with a fun community

Jean hosts an Animal PartyFundemonium also includes many indoor activity spaces where families can race model cars, drive rock-crawling trucks, build LEGO creations, fight robots, and play games. There is even an indoor play area for young children called Funbot’s Neighborhood that is filled with construction toys and pretend play. These family and kids activities are available for drop in play every day. There are also many sample toys and games kids can try for free.

For families that want an exclusive private party, Fundemonium offers many party themes including crafts, science, Bot Bash robot fighting tournaments, teddy bear creation, LEGO building and more. Parents only get a handful of parties with their young children where they can truly be present and an active guest at the party. Why would a parent want to prepare, serve, and clean up the party when instead they can play and enjoy the party with their kids? Fundemonium takes care of everything from set-up to managing activities, to clean-up, with a full-time dedicated party host. What could be better than a party in a toy store?

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Giving back to the community

Steven-Jean-Santa-webFundemonium also gives back to the community by hosting many club meetings, weekly game and racing nights, and special events. For many years, Fundemonium has sponsored and hosted major hobby shows that are free to the public. Coastal Valley Lines and other local train clubs have been sharing their creativity with the public at annual Fundemonium train shows since 2015.

Local schools and youth groups also benefit from fundraising opportunities with Fundemonium. Groups can choose from Party Certificates for raffles, Gift Certificate programs, and Shop and Support events. Fundemonium generates thousands of dollars annually for local fundraisers.

One of the most rewarding programs for Steven and Jean is the Rotary Holiday Toy Drive where customers can purchase toys to donate to local children and Fundemonium gives back a percentage of their donation as a gift certificate. Fundemonium customers can generously donate a gift and get a gift.

Celebrate 20 years of a World of FUN in Store!

Steve and Jean Elliott of FundemoniumEveryone is invited to come to Fundemonium on Saturday, August 31st for our Ultimate Party in a Toy Store celebrating 20 years of fun.

See our Event Calendar for a full description of activities, prizes, and special deals during the party.