There is something about kneading squishy things like a NeeDoh® Ball that is both relaxing and therapeutic for most people.

This is why certain types of “fidget” toys have become so popular over the years. Namely, those squeezy, squishy, smooshy stress balls. While similar objects have been utilized since the days of ancient China to bring stress relief –  hard Baoding Balls, for example – the squishy version is relatively new.

According to one promotional marketing website, the modern “stress ball” has its origins in New York about four decades ago,

“Alex Carswell created the first commercial stress balls in New York. Following his success, many other 80s stress relievers came onto the market.”

His concept was based on the idea that stress relief could be achieved by throwing something against a wall. And having a soft, harmless object with enough heft to make the action satisfying led to his invention. However, he may not have foreseen the far more beneficial aspect of those squishy stress balls.


Everyone Kneads Some Stress Relief Now and AgainNEEDOH SCYND

Stemming from the apparently inherent impulse to knead soft or squishy objects, the concept that kneading is also therapeutic comes to the forefront of people’s thinking. And this has led to insights into the ancient practice of breadmaking.

Ask anyone who makes bread at home from scratch, and they will likely tell you that it is calming. In fact, studies have shown that baking has many therapeutic qualities and can help to relieve stress

For example, one article online notes that,

“Breadmaking is a form of therapy because all baking is a multisensory activity. A combination of senses guides us through life, and for this reason, baking has been used to combat depression and anxiety for many years.”

And another site states,

“Baking bread can form part of a mindful practice called ‘grounding’, where you use an activity to help you connect with the current moment.”

All of which is great and even appealing to many of us. Except that most of us don’t have the equipment, or know-how, or time to make bread just to relieve some stress and get “grounded” every day. Besides that, kneading a big lump of whole wheat bread dough at your desk at work is highly impractical!

Which is why a NeeDoh® Stress Ball is something that everyone “kneads” at work.


Kneading to Relieve Stress – The Rise of the Stress BallCOLOR CHANGE NEEDOH STRESS BALL SCYCCSQ

Okay, so it’s probably no secret that some of the most common and most popular stress relief toys are stress balls. And, as we noted previously, these squishy toys have been on the market for almost 40 years now. This simply means that there are few, if any, people in the United States that hasn’t had or at least seen one.

And one of the amazing things about stress balls – aside from their indisputable anxiety and stress relieving properties – is their enduring appeal.

While there are certainly many brands and types of stress balls out there on the market, one of the most popular series of stress balls today is NeeDoh® line.

And one of the greatest things about the NeeDoh® stress ball toy is there’s more than one kind!

For example, at Fundemonium you can treat yourself to the classic NeeDoh®, the “Groovy Glob” for kneading away stress and anxiety. Next to a lump of bread dough, nothing satisfies like a NeeDoh®!

Then there’s the Atomic NeeDoh® – the futuristic stress ball that’s from another dimension! You simply squeeze it and the one ball becomes multiple, growing, groovy globs that magically change colors.

Looking for something with a bit of tactile distinction? The incredible, squeezable, and pet-able Shaggy NeeDoh® is just the ticket. Like the classic Groovy Glob, the Shaggy version is also filled with a non-toxic, dough-like compound that always returns back to its original shape. But this one has shaggy tendrils to squeeze and pet!

Looking for a bit of visual stimulation to accompany your squishy stress-relieving fun? Then go for the Swirl NeeDoh® stress ball toy. This ball’s bright colors are what make this stress ball just as fun to watch as it is to squeeze and smush! And all while you let it soothe your soul.

De-Stress and Have Hands-On Fun with NeeDoh® Fidget ToysNEEDOH COOL CATS SCYCCND

Fundemonium is the place in Sonoma County where you can find fun fidget toys to lose stress, reduce anxiety, or just plain have fun. No matter how young or old you are.

And there’s much, much more to be had at Fundemonium!

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That’s because at Fundemonium we provide a safe and friendly place where adults and children can enjoy creative fun and play. In addition to toys of all types, we stock a huge selection of arts and crafts projects and materials, a wide variety of games, model kits, and supplies, as well as various hobby products for your entire family.

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