Tru Kids is bringing back Toys R Us as a Fundemonium. I’m amused that the venture capitalists are touting as a major retail innovation something Fundemonium has been doing for 15 years. Two Toys R Us stores will open in Texas and New Jersey for the holiday season. An article about the new Toys R … Read More.

Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day – NO Thank You! Don’t call me Mom and Pop. We are not some doddering couple shuffling around a quaint but unkempt little shop. Don’t call me Brick and Mortar. I am not some crumbling old building on the corner of downtown. Don’t call me a … Read More.

They started coming weeks ago, the print flyers and emails for Christmas toy specials at the on-line sites and big-box stores. Enough to bury you until Ground Hog Day. They tout the Biggest Selection of the Hottest Toys with the Cheapest Prices. Just as with discount sushi bars and on-line dating, Big, Hot, and Cheap … Read More.

As an independent retailer I appreciate all the well meaning posts from newspapers, retail consultants, chambers of commerce, and others touting how shopping local keeps money in the community, supports local services, and keeps mom and pops in business, while shopping the chains and on-line just funnels dollars to the Big Bad BEZOs and others … Read More.

While making the video about our Fundemonium Gift Registry I mentioned getting a model car that reminded me of the first model that I built. It got me thinking about the important and long lasting role that some gifts play in our lives. The model I remembered was a gift from my dad when I was … Read More.