Many times during the past past three years Jean and I wondered if we could keep going. The move to Rohnert Park was much more challenging than we expected. We expected some losses to cover the expense of packing up and moving but the losses continued year over year. It seemed that we were spinning … Read More.

It’s official; Toys R Us is closing all of its stores. I was not a fan of Toys R Us but it had it’s place. Toys R Us was a vast, impersonal, cheap warehouse of toys. Many of the news reports include the obligatory statement, “I fondly remember my annual birthday trip to Toys R … Read More.

I was helping a customer in the RC department today; we were also hosting a birthday party and a game tournament. The kids were cheering as they launched stomp rockets and someone at the tournament made an impossible dice roll and all of the players shouted “Whoa!” The customer stopped mid-sentence, looked me in the … Read More.

[shaker_image]More than just a hobby shop, Fundemonium is a fun experience perfect for your entire family. Fundemonium is located in the heart of Rohnert Park, CA. Come see us in our 14,000 square foot hobby & games facility. It does not matter what time you join us, there is sure to be some exciting activity … Read More.

Our fourth Game Night was a drama of epic proportions as we ventured into a six-player game of DungeonQuest Revised Edition. DungeonQuest RE is a push-your-luck fantasy game where you enter a dragon’s lair and try to escape with your life and at least one piece of loot. In this game you are lucky to … Read More.