We plan to reopen for game play and track rental beginning Monday, April 12th.

We will keep our current hours of 10am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and 10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday, while we increase staff, rework schedules, and study the level of customer interest.

We will adhere to all of the precautions required by the State of California for safe reopening as it pertains to Family Entertainment Centers and Card Rooms.

  • We have spaced out our game tables for safe distancing.
  • Game play is limited to players only, no spectators.
  • Game table reservations will be required.
  • Reservations are $5 per person and will include a $5 store credit.
  • RC racing, Slot Car racing, and Rock Crawling are open for 15-minute reservation slots starting every 20-minutes.
  • Snack bar food is not available, only drinks. Eating is not allowed at the game tables.
  • Birthday Parties are not authorized yet
  • Club meetings are not authorized yet
  • Tournaments and shows are not authorized yet

Our safety precautions include masks at all times, hand sanitizing, distancing, drinks only from the snack bar, and sanitizing of tables and controllers between uses.

Reserving Game Tables

We are starting out with open gaming every day. As interest develops we will reinstate dedicated game nights in the future.

  • Game table reservations are required. Call Fundemonium at 707-540-0701.
  • Reservations are $5 per person per 2-hour block and will include a $5 store credit to be used that same day.
  • Each paid reservation is for 2-hours of table use. You can pay for a second reservation for a maximum of 4-hours of table use.
  • At the time you make your reservation tell us what terrain you want to use for miniature gaming.
  • Drop-ins are discouraged and cannot wait for openings in the Game Area.
  • We have spaced out our game tables for safe distancing.
  • Players are not allowed to move or reconfigure tables.
  • Drinking beverages purchased at Fundemonium is allowed at the Game Tables. No food is allowed.
  • Only players with current reservations are allowed in the Game Area. No spectators.

Reserving Car Rental and Track Time

RC Track 041121

Our RC race track, crawler course, and slot car track are available every 20 minutes. Racing lasts for 15-minutes with a 5-minute cleaning and sanitizing period between races.
  • Call in advance to reserve a race. Call Fundemonium at 707-540-0701.
  • No food or drink is allowed at the tracks.
  • Drop-ins are allowed but they must wait outside or shop the retail area before their reservation starts.
  • Two people on the crawler course at one time.
  • Crawler truck rental is $15 for 15 minutes (rental trucks not available yet.) Bring your own truck to crawl for $5 for 15 minutes.
  • Up to four people on the RC race track at one time.
  • Race car rental is $15 for 15 minutes. Bring your own car to race for $5 for 15 minutes.
  • Up to three people on the slot car track at one time. Slot car rental is $15 for 15 minutes.