1/144 30MM EEXM-17 ALTO BAS2487799


A simple structure and easy assembly BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series [30 MINUTES MISSIONS] to [eEXM-17 Alto [dark gray]] appeared in 1/144 scale!

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-Intuitive, easy-to-understand runner arrangement and simple parts configuration. About 80 parts easy!
-Easy to assemble, you can make a lot! I want to collect a lot!
-Deploy multiple color variations on the same aircraft. You can enjoy your favorite coloring even without painting.
-Adopts joint structure common to series. It is possible to change units or replace parts even with different aircraft.
-Further customization is possible by the hard point of 3mm axis provided in each place!
-Armed with rifle and knuckle.
-Equipped with a backpack with hard points.