One of the best things about RC vehicles is that they can be – and often are – much more than mere toys.

Granted, one could say that they are just “toys for big boys” but they are not only sophisticated pieces of engineering, they’re also for “big girls,” too.


Mastering the Air, Land, and Sea

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but mastering an RC model vehicle is a fun challenge and a great pastime! Whether it’s overhead at your neighborhood park, ripping through a parking lot, or cruising across a pond, the vicarious enjoyment these model vehicles can bring is addictive.

Each of these three types of RC vehicles has its own particular challenges and thrills. And each of them has two things in common: they are radio controlled and they are all fun in their own way.


RC Planes

In the old days of RC flying, almost any craft was some type of airplane. You might see a rare helicopter and an occasional jet, but even these were often built from scratch or from a kit.

No longer! Helicopters, jets, and – of course – the ubiquitous drones are just as popular and maybe even as common as the humble RC airplane.

What sets the RC plane apart from the other remote control vehicles is that it maneuvers in three dimensions. These motions are known as yaw, when the nose moves left or right; pitch, when the nose goes up or down; and roll – the rotation about an axis running from nose to tail.

RC Vehicles: The Best Boats, Planes, and Cars

Along with the speed, controlling an airplane is a bit more complicated than a car or boat. The drone and helicopter models are similar though they, too, have their own handling differences.

RC planes run the gamut from easy-to-handle Defender 1100 EP RTF, a great first park flyer, to the smaller, faster Tempest 600 EP. Large and small, fast or slow, RC planes come in a variety of types to fit every pilot’s tastes.


RC Cars

Much like the plane category, RC cars are really made up of various types of cars as well as trucks, tractors, and even school buses! While most fans of RC cars go for speed, there are plenty of others who prefer taking on obstacles. And then you have your construction and other working types who enjoy specialty RC vehicles.

RC Vehicles: The Best Boats, Planes, and Cars

From desert buggies to Le Mans-style race cars, and from garbage trucks and tractors to military tanks, RC ground vehicles cover a wide range of types.

Unlike planes, however, these vehicles only go forward and backward and left or right. They might do it slowly or at incredible speeds, and they might do it on clean, flat surfaces, or across rocks, curbs, and other obstacles. And, unlike most planes and boats, they can even be driven indoors – if Mom says it’s okay!


RC Boats

Looking for an RC boat that offers substantial size and substantial speed? Then you can’t go wrong with a Pro Boat® Power Boat Racer Deep-V, a 17-inch Self-Righting boat with Smart Technology.

Or maybe you prefer to do your boating “under the sea” with a Mini RC Submarine Military Model.

Yes, there are really RC submarines, too.

RC Vehicles: The Best Boats, Planes, and Cars

RC boats also provide a wide variety of types and styles from sailboats to speedboats and tugboats to battleships. However, much like planes and cars, it seems that most RC boat modelers are looking for high-speed thrills on the water. This is why there are so many fast, racing-styles models available. 

Although boating does present one main obstacle – you need a body of water to run them on – handling RC boats tends to be easier in that they only go forward and can turn. And there are models designed for small swimming pools and even for the bathtub!


Radio Controlled Fun

The technology behind radio controlled toys, models, and vehicles has advanced rapidly over the previous few decades. This means that today’s RC controllers and the motors that power the vehicles have all become far more efficient, advanced, and affordable than ever.

Almost any type of RC vehicle can be had for under $100 though you can certainly spend more. And they can be used any time of year depending on the type of vehicle and the weather. 

With holidays just around the corner and many people working from home or doing school from home, there is often more “family time” and leisure time to be had. RC vehicles are just the ticket for some fun-filled hours driving, flying, or boating remotely.


Boats, Cars, and Planes – And Much, Much More!

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