As every parent knows, there’s always something else.

Maybe it’s batteries. (It’s often batteries, right?) Or maybe the additional wardrobe item for that special doll. And, possibly, it was the back-up battery for the new drone.

Whatever it is that Santa might have forgotten or overlooked (or lost somewhere in the closet before Christmas!) we work hard to make sure you can get it here at Fundemonium.


Chargers, Figures, and Cars – Oh, My!

When the kids were really young – and you maybe had only one – Christmas gifts were relatively easy.

Not too many parts, few batteries, and certainly no accessories or add-ons to concern yourself with. Your child was less finicky, not as particular, and certainly not up-to-date with all the latest gadgets and upgrades available.

But if you have older children, especially late middle school or junior high age, you now know that Christmas gift buying can be a bit of a minefield and an expedition fraught with dire consequences. No one wants to hear their child’s disappointment at having a terrific new gift only to find that an essential accessory was forgotten. 

And we certainly don’t want to have them open a gift that they can’t use yet because it needed an additional part that wasn’t included. 

Batteries are pretty easy. You can get some just about anywhere, even a convenience store at 11:30 at night, if need be.  But a jar of specialty glue for preserving that beautiful jigsaw puzzle your daughter got for Christmas and finished by the next night? Not so much. 

And there are a wide variety of other accessories and upgrades that could be needed after Christmas!


No Worries! We’ve Got Santa’s Back!

What did Santa Forget? - Fundemonium

Sometimes it’s not so much a matter of something having been forgotten, overlooked, or misplaced as it is just a present that can be even better with the right accessory and upgrade. And this can apply to all types of Christmas gifts.

Great Christmas presents such as radio-controlled cars, scale models, puzzles, games, craft kits, and even model railroads could use extra accessories and upgrades to provide maximum enjoyment.

Here are a few of the most popular items that could need additional items or be even more fun with an added bit or two:


RC Vehicles

Radio Controlled, or RC, toys, and vehicles are fun! Many of them come completely built and ready-to-run right out of the box.  But even these models can often make use of a few extra add-ons and supplies.

These extras can include items such as a high-speed battery charger, extra batteries, a “crash kit” containing extra parts, tools, swappable trim or bodies, and even a carrying bag. In addition, RC cars can always use some extra wheels, maybe some new decals or stickers, or light kits.


Plastic Scale Model Kits

Even in this age of model planes and vehicles being available to complete right-from-the-box, there is still a deeply satisfying enjoyment and gratification that comes from building plastic scale models from individual parts in a kit. Little compares to the pride that comes from handling and showcasing a plane, care, tank, or ship that you built yourself.

But these kits don’t come with everything needed to make that happen. Santa must remember to get the paint, modeling glue, and various tools that can range from a few emery boards, tweezers, and a safety knife, to an airbrush painting rig complete with a miniature compressor.


Jigsaw Puzzles

Depending on the size, type, and number of pieces, a quality jigsaw puzzle can engross your child for hours on end. And there is little else as exciting as putting that last piece in and reveling in a completed puzzle and piece of art. 

While it’s certainly fine to take it apart afterwards and put it all back into the box, oftentimes it is a great project to seal a finished puzzle with puzzle glue so that it can then be mounted and hung on the wall to be admired long after the puzzle building is done.

And it can’t hurt to throw in a building tray or roll-up mat designed just for building jigsaw puzzles on!


Model Railroads Kits

Granted, the traditional model railroad naturally lends itself to expansion.

Once the novelty of the first layout and train engine and cars fades a bit, there is an inevitable desire to add more: more track, more rolling-stock, more bridges, more equipment, structures, scenery, people, automobiles, trucks… oh, and don’t forget rail cleaner and small hand tools.



When most parents were kids, games tended to be fairly self-contained. No longer. Today the purchase of a game for a Christmas gift can open the door for needing extra game figures, additional terrain, and expansion packs.

Wondering what those are? Well, according to Wikipedia,

“An expansion pack, expansion set, supplement, or simply expansion is an addition to an existing role-playing game, tabletop game, video game or collectible card game. … These add-ons usually add new game areas, weapons, objects, characters, or an extended storyline to an already-released game.”

At Fundemonium, We’re Ready to Follow-Up for Santa!

We all know that Santa has his hands full at Christmas and sometimes a few items might get overlooked. That’s why, at Fundemonium, we’re prepared to provide you with all the toy and game accessories and upgrades that might have gotten missed.

We love to provide fun: hands-on, virtual, and vicarious – it’s all good! And, at Fundemonium, we’re much more than just a toy, hobby, and game store. Fundemonium is a “family fun experience”. We are a place where families and hobby enthusiasts of all ages can meet and play. 

Fundemonium offers a safe and friendly space where adults and children of all ages can experience creative fun. People can shop for a great selection of toys, games, and hobbies for the entire family. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is committed to helping you have fun.

We do our best to quickly respond to inquiries about all types of games, crafts, and toys through our website. However, you can also find an answer to your question by calling us. 

If you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs during our business hours, you can call us at (707) 540-0701.

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