Many people of heard of the so-called “Peter Pan syndrome.” This is a concept that was based on the idea that some adults have trouble growing up and are emotionally “trapped” in childhood.

Of course, what most of us realize is that deep inside every one of us is a little kid itching to get out and play!

However, when it comes to fidget toys it is far more than play.


The Tiny Toys to Battle Stress and AnxietyThe Tiny Toys to Battle Stress and Anxiety

When we use the term “fidget toys” most of us think of spinners or pop it fidget toys. We do not often think of fidget toys as tools. Yet they can be and are regularly made use of as stress relief tools.

Among the various therapies and techniques utilized for stress relief and reducing anxiety, fidget tools have been used for decades and, perhaps unwittingly, for centuries. Adults and children alike have benefited from the distraction of fidget toys and other small objects such as marbles, pencils, paper clips, and so on – almost any small thing that can be “fidgeted” with!

But today the use of fidget toys for adults with anxiety is a common and recommended tactic.

It may still sound a bit odd to speak of fidget toys for stress or fidget toys for anxiety, but these are some of the clinically established benefits of various squeeze balls, spinners, and pop it fidget toy products. In fact, whether you’re looking to buy them for yourself or for a tense and stressed-out friend or family member, some great stress relief gifts can be a selection of stress relief toys!

Fidget toys are also convenient in that they can be had in a wide variety of types, shapes, styles, and materials, and are generally quite affordable. And they are almost always small, which is a great convenience feature, as well.

But do they really work?

The Benefits and Efficacy of Fidget Toys for Adults with Anxiety

According to an article in Forbes magazine,

“Individuals with anxiety may fidget or make small movements when they are feeling anxious, restless, impatient or nervous. Fidget toys give these movements an outlet, which can help calm a person’s nerves, relieve stress and serve as a distraction in an overstimulating environment.”

And no less an authority than Medical News Today noted that,

“Fidget toys have gained traction in recent years as an outlet for restlessness. Specifically, they may help those with anxiety who experience feelings of being pent-up or jumpy.

If someone has generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), they feel ongoing worry and dread. Some people may feel on edge or restless, and these emotions may interfere with their daily activities, such as work or school. Fidget toys may help ease these feelings of anxiety for some people.”

The same article goes on to point out that, repetitive movements can act as displacement behaviors to relieve stress. Although this may affect people differently, some research has suggested that fidgeting provides more relief for men in high pressure situations.

Although empirical evidence is still lacking, practical experience and observation has shown that fidget toys for adults can, in most cases, act as a tool for reducing anxiety and diminishing stress.

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