Fundemonium is joining the long tradition of sending letters to Santa. This year, you can send your letter to Santa from Fundemonium!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for details about how your child can drop off a letter to Santa at Fundemonium and how to fill out a Fundemonium Gift Registry to ensure they receive the most perfect presents.

The History of a Letter to Santa

Did you know that Santa letters became popular in the early 1800s?

Back then, the letters were often from Santa and they offered advice for how children could ensure their place on the “Nice” list/ Sometimes, the letters were a warning to kids who were on the “Naughty” list.

No one ever wanted to receive a naughty letter.

Santa entered and departed homes via the chimney, that is how his letters were delivered as well. Santa’s earliest documented address was “Chimney Corner.” Santa would leave his messages to children on the fireplace hearth and children would leave their replies the same way.

By the late 1800s, the Post Office was delivering mail directly to people’s homes. The concept of mailing a letter to Santa through the Post Office was born.

An illustration by Thomas Nast in Harper’s Weekly from 1866 showed Santa’s address as “Santaclausville, N.P,” and Santa has resided at the North Pole ever since.


Helping Your Child Write a Letter to Santa

Writing a letter to Santa is a great way to help your kids improve their handwriting and communications skills.

Some key features to focus on when composing a letter are to include:


Remember, Santa is pretty old and wears glasses; practicing good crayon penmanship and spelling will help Santa understand your message. You would not want Santa to deliver a bratty troll when what you asked for was a baby doll, would you? This is also a good time to practice spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


Even in the age of email and texting, learning good writing structure is important. In this structure order, you should:

  • Start with “Dear Santa,” because you want to be polite right?
  • Tell Santa a little about yourself.
  • Ask how Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer are doing; showing concern and interest in others is a great example of someone on the Nice list.
  • Ask for some of the presents you wish to see on Christmas morning, don’t be greedy though. Keep your list short with some really nice gifts and maybe one or two big requests.
  • Including a request for a friend or family member is a nice touch. It shows that you understand the value of giving as well as receiving.
  • Finally, close with a heartfelt “Thank You” to Santa for taking the time to read your letter and for considering bringing you presents.


When telling Santa about yourself, let some of your personality show through.

Of course, you want to tell Santa that you’ve been good but also include what you like to do. Tell him how school is going this year, and the other holiday activities you may be excited about.

Santa cares about you and he likes to know how you feel.


Express your creative side by drawing a picture for Santa!

You can also use stickers or glitter to make your letter special. Santa loves art and creativity.


Sending Your Letter to Santa at Fundemonium and Making a Gift Registry

Once your letter is complete bring it to Fundemonium.

Our Fundemonium Elves will help you add your address so you can receive a reply to your letter. We have a special form for your parent or guardian to fill out so Santa is sure to send his reply to the right place.

Please bring your letter to Fundemonium by December 11th to ensure Santa has time to reply.

While at Fundemonium, you can also fill out a Gift Registry. Take one of our gift baskets and shop for all of your favorite toys at Fundemonium. Our Fundemonium Elves will write all of your choices on your personal list and store it at Fundemonium.

Tell your friends and family to check your list at Fundemonium when they want to get a gift for you. We will help your friends and family find just the right thing and avoid getting duplicates.

A Fundemonium Gift Registry makes sure you receive the most perfect presents.


Hope to see you soon at Fundemonium! Happy Holidays!