Just about every parent (and grandparent) of a toddler knows that a two-year-old can master a smartphone or a tablet given enough time.


And how many hours of Baby Shark, Paw Patrol, and Peppa Pig have been initiated by a toddler with a phone or a tablet? Small children who cannot read are still able to manipulate buttons and controls with amazing agility and dexterity, it seems. 

Which is why, as they watch older kids and siblings operate remote control cars, doing so themselves can be such a natural and relatively easy leap for them.


The Joy of Driving Remotely – Young Imaginations on Wheels

According to Wikipedia and other RC sites, it wasn’t until the early 1970s that any commercial remote control toy vehicles were being created by small firms in the US. Apparently, these were mostly companies that began as slot car companies. As the popularity of slot car racing began to diminish, these firms moved into the RC field.

However, the vehicles being produced and used by RC enthusiasts were primarily geared towards adults and teens. They were what would today be known as “hobby grade” products, as opposed to the less powerful and more simply constructed “toy-grade” vehicles that are now being used even by toddlers.

For almost two decades, radio controlled, aka remote control, aka RC, vehicles were a growing but not dominant segment of the toy and hobby industries. That changed in the 1980s.

According to an article at RC Roundup,

“The years of the 80s marked another milestone in the history of RC cars. This is the era where RC cars moved its paradigm from simply scale models to high-performance models. The popularity of RC also skyrocketed during this time.”

Apparently, current statistics on the size of the remote control car industry is a corporate secret, but we do know that in 2010 the RC industry generated $362,912,500 in sales. And, at that time, it was expected to grow almost exponentially.

Today, the industry has benefited from huge advancements in technology, the variety and selections of vehicle types has expanded with a bewildering number of choices, and the range of age-appropriate remote control cars has grown.

And, depending on your child, many of the products being produced today include RC cars for 2-year-olds, and even RC cars for 1-year-olds.


3 Remote Control Cars and Trucks that Toddlers Can Drive Themselves

We’ve chosen to highlight three great remote control cars for toddlers – cars and trucks actually – that are sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment to any little one.


Turbo Twister Stunt RC Car


The rugged Turbo Twister Stunt RC Car features patented technology that provides it with a 360 degree rotating front axle.

This allows you to make your car flip, tumble, roll, dance and even do wheelies! Kids love lights and this car has plenty of them. Each car is equipped with six (6) LED lights that change color in addition to the over-sized, see-through tires and wheels which also light up.

The Turbo Twister Stunt RC Cars are available in Blue and Red and have separate RC frequencies (49 MHz and 27 MHz) to ensure independent control when racing both at the same time.


Neon Glow Twister Track Race Series 221


This incredibly flexible racetrack and car set is great for ages 3 and up, and Includes 11 feet of flexible racetrack that can be assembled from 220 pieces. A bit of adult help might be required at first.

The Neon Glow Twister Track has – you guessed it – neon glow-in-the-dark properties that feature 5 glow colors! There’s no wrong way to build the track, so you or your child can snap the track pieces together into an infinite number of track combinations.

Best of all, the set includes one transparent light up battery powered Green Race Car. While not a remote control car, kids can change the shape of the track while the car is moving. The Green Race Car comes complete with 5 LED lights inside and a set of DIY stickers to decorate it with. (Car requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.)

And for the really cool part: The Green Race Car has a rear black light that creates a neon glow in the dark flexible track as it zips along!


Taiyo Mini RC Police Truck


Small children will have tons of fun with this fast off-road Mini RC Police Truck.  This RC Crawler Truck runs on 4 x AA batteries (not included) and can go as fast as 8 miles per hour.

This hobby grade RC vehicle is perfect for any child (or adult!) ready for driving on the road or off-road. It can be controlled to start, stop, go forward, backwards, left or right, and even stunt actions to jump, skid, and maneuver tight turns. Works up to 50′ away.

This remote control truck is designed to be fast and reliable with oversized tires, anti-collision structure, shock absorbers, and much more! 


Remote Control Cars, Toddlers, and Fun!

In addition to developing motor skills and enhancing their hand-eye coordination, remote control toys are just a lot of fun.

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