Bot Bash Party!

Compete in a tournament with radio controlled
fighting robots.

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Bot Bash Party - $499

Book your party for a weekday (Monday through Friday) and save $50!

Kid's and adults will have a blast battling each other with remote controlled robots in a special robot fighting arena.

A Bot Bash Party combines fighting robots, radio control, and multi-player tournament competition. With a dozen different robots and multiple strategies for scoring points every match is unique and every party is different.

While guests arrive, your party host gives everyone instruction on how the robots work and the robot fighting techniques that work best for each robot. Guests get to practice their new found robot fighting skills during robot rumbles where four or more guests bash their bots in the fighting arena.

After about 30 minutes of casual bashing the main event begins. Each guest picks their "fighting name" and is placed on the tournament board. The tournament pits guests head-to-head in robot fighting battles with winners advancing up the bracket. Guests who have been knocked out of the bracket can battle their way back in during robot rumbles.

The tournament chart is designed so that every guest uses every different type of robot. At the end a champion robot fighter emerges victorious.


A Fundemonium Bot Bash party includes the following:

  • Fundemonium provides a Party Host to serve you and manage the party activities.
  • Parties last for 2 hours:
    • 30 minutes of robot training and casual robot rumbles while your guests arrive
    • 1 hour of a robot fight tournament
    • 30 minutes in a Party Room for cake and presents
  • Fundemonium provides table cloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and basic decorations.
  • You bring your own cake and any special decorations that you like.
  • Up to 10 guests included in the party price, additional guests can be added for a nominal fee.
  • We handle set up and clean up.

For food and other upgrades you can order à la carte from our Party Menu for food, drink, cake, and Party Bag choices.
Bring your own food for only a $30 food service fee; you still get plates, cups, napkins, and serving assistance.

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Fight, Robots, Fight! Bot Bash Parties In The Bot Bash Battle Arena

There are few activities that can stir the competitive spirit more than robot combat! And we are excited to announce that Bot Bash parties are coming to Sonoma County exclusively at Fundemonium. You, too, can join in the fun as ingeniously engineered custom-built robots clash in the Bot Bash Battle Arena.

Fighting Robots: Robotics with Attitude

For the uninitiated, robot combat is a thrilling type of robot competition in which custom-built robotic machines fight one another using various methods to vanquish their opponents. The machine used is a remote control robot, or RC robot. Each remote controlled robot is essentially an RC vehicle and they are especially designed and built to be used as RC fighting robots. The summer of 2023 will see the launch of the region’s exclusive Bot Bash Party venue right here in Rohnert Park’s ultimate fun destination, Fundemonium.
Bot Bash Parties at Fundemonium

A Mini-History of Mini-Fighting Robots

Robot combat is a mode of robot competition in which custom-built machines fight using various methods to conquer each other. The machines have generally been remote-controlled vehicles rather than autonomous robots.

The early days of remote control robot fighting can be traced back to the mid-1990s when a group of hobbyists and engineers came together to create a platform for showcasing their robotic creations.

A British television series featuring fighting robots debuted in 1998 and showcased competing robots engaged in combat, and captivated audiences worldwide. Inspired by this show, a group of enthusiasts organized a robotic combat event in the United States in 1999. This and similar events marked the birth of a new era in robot combat.

With each passing year, fighting robots became more sophisticated and innovative. Today, combat bots represent a popular venue for human creativity, engineering challenges, and the enduring appeal of robotic combat. The hobby continues to inspire robot enthusiasts and serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge technology.

The Tech Behind Combat Robots – And How They Fight

Fighting robots, also known as combat robots, are specialized machines designed for engaging in intense robotic combat. These robots employ various tactics and attachments to overwhelm their opponents.

These unique “bots,” as they are fondly referred to, operate on a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, and strategic design specifically for engaging in intense battles.

Fighting robots are typically categorized into different weight classes, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight.

Each robot typically consists of a sturdy chassis or frame that provides structural integrity and houses the internal components. The internal components include motors, batteries, controllers, and various sensors. These elements work together to enable locomotion, weapon operation, and control of the robot.

Externally, these bots are equipped with a combination of offensive and defensive components. The primary goal is to control or immobilize the opponent robot through strategic maneuvers and powerful attacks.

The locomotion systems of fighting robots vary widely. Some robots employ wheels or tracks for mobility, allowing for quick maneuverability around the arena. Others may utilize walking or legged mechanisms, providing stability and the ability to traverse uneven terrain. Each locomotion method has its advantages and disadvantages and influences the bot's tactical approach.

Gear-head-bot bash fighter
Fighting Bots: Not Your Grandmother’s Bot!

Fighting Bots: Not Your Grandmother’s Bot!

When it comes to incapacitating opponent robots, combat robots employ an array of tactics and attachments. One common strategy is to have a primary weapon, such as a spinning disc, hammer, or hydraulic crushing arm. These weapons are designed to deliver powerful blows, inflict damage, and disable the opponent. The effectiveness of the weapon relies on its speed, impact force, and durability.

Another tactic involves utilizing various attachments or secondary weapons. These attachments can be interchangeable, allowing robots to adapt their arsenal for different opponents or strategies.

Attachments may include spinning blades, saws, flippers, wedges, or even flamethrowers. These tools serve different purposes, such as slicing through armor, lifting, and flipping opponents, or destabilizing them.

The choice of attachments and tactics depends on the robot's design philosophy and the desired approach to combat.

Some robots prioritize offensive capabilities, aiming to deal heavy damage and disable opponents quickly. Others focus on defensive strategies, utilizing durable armor and wedges to withstand attacks while trying to outlast their opponents in prolonged battles. Speed and agility are also crucial factors, allowing robots to evade incoming attacks and strike at opportune moments.

High Tech is the Name of the Robot Combat Game

In addition to weapon systems and attachments, fighting robots incorporate various sensors and control mechanisms. These sensors enable the robot to gather data about its surroundings, opponent's movements, and even its own status. This information is crucial for making split-second decisions and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the battle.

The control systems of fighting robots have evolved significantly over time. Remote control is the most common method, where human operators use radio transmitters to command the robot's actions. Some advanced robots implement semi-autonomous or fully autonomous capabilities, leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms and computer vision to make decisions and react to the opponent's movements without human intervention.

Successful combat strategies often involve a balance between offense, defense, and maneuverability. Robots need to be able to deliver precise strikes, withstand incoming attacks, and outmaneuver opponents to gain advantageous positions. This requires a deep understanding of the robot's capabilities, the opponent's weaknesses, and the dynamics of the battle arena.

In addition to hardware and tech, robots often incorporate tactical strategies into their gameplay. Drivers and builders strategize to exploit weaknesses in opponent robots, identifying vulnerable areas or components to target. Effective tactics can include targeting exposed wheels, weapon mechanisms, or utilizing the arena environment to gain a positional advantage.

Fire Flight Bot Bash fighter
Bot Bash Parties at Fundemonium

Combat Bot Operators: Staying Cool in the Heat of Combat

As every robot fighting competitor knows, the strategy of driving is equally important.

Skilled drivers employ evasive maneuvers, anticipating and dodging incoming attacks while seeking opportunities for counterattacks. By carefully controlling their robots' movements, drivers can exploit their opponents' weaknesses and maximize their own offensive capabilities.

And, as any bot combatant knows, things can also get hairy inside a Battle Arena.

So, to ensure fairness and safety, combat robot competitions are governed by rules and regulations. These guidelines dictate weight limits, construction standards, and safety protocols. Matches often have a time limit, and if a bot remains immobilized or incapacitated for a specified duration, it is considered defeated.

Fighting robots competitions, such as Bot Bash parties, provide an arena for these mechanical gladiators to showcase their abilities. They entertain audiences with high-stakes battles, showcasing the creativity, engineering prowess, and tactical ingenuity of their builders.

Bot Bash Parties: Robot Fighting Fun Only at Fundemonium

Fighting robots combine engineering, strategy, and skill to deliver exhilarating battles. The constant evolution of robot designs and tactics pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the arena. These battles captivate audiences with their display of technological innovation, destructive power, and the thrill of seeing robots clash in epic combat. In addition, because combat bots employ a wide range of tactics and attachments to defeat their opponents, the action is always exciting. Spinning weapons, flippers, grabbers, and various other attachments are used to exploit weaknesses and deliver devastating blows. Defensive measures such as armor and wedge-shaped designs provide protection, while mobility and skilled driving play key roles in maneuvering and seizing tactical advantages. Every robot deployed in a Bot Bash party uses different weapon and armor combinations. Party guests are instructed on the operation and strategy best suited for each robot and in the course of the Bot Bash Party tournament they get an opportunity to operate each type of robot. By the end of the Bot Bash party, every guest has had a chance to operate multiple robots, battle other guests, and one guest emerges as the Robot Fighting Champion! Want to learn more? Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive updates on our Bot Bash parties and events, including official launch dates and events, as well as other amazing offers and updates from Fundemonium!
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