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We are always interested in hearing from others who would like to join Fundemonium. We refer to our team members as Fundemoniacs! They are all friendly people who are passionate about helping others enjoy creative toys and hobbies.   Download a Job Application HERE.

We are currently seeking Holiday Cashiers and an RC Sales Pro. We are always interested in hearing from quality people for any position.

If you are:
  • Friendly, energetic, and patient with children
  • Organized, neat, and professional
  • Accurate and computer savvy
  • Familiar with toys and hobbies
We offer:
  • A fun and exciting work environment
  • Access to new toys and hobbies
  • Flexible hours – some evenings, weekends, and holidays required
  • Competitive pay with bonuses
  • A generous employee discount

We are always interested in hearing from good people who want to be considered for employment at Fundemonium. Review the job descriptions below, download our Job Application, print it, fill it out, and bring it to Fundemonium.

You can email any questions on our contact page.

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