About Our Art Faire Products

The Art Faire is where you will find artist supplies and craft kits of all kinds.

The Art Faire at Fundemonium

The Art Faire is where you will find artist supplies and craft kits of all kinds. Along with building models, art and craft work is one of the oldest and most fullfilling human activities. Whether the art or craft is for display or a practical use you made it and it is unique to you. Create something today.

Animal Creation Kit

Animal Creation Kit at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Need a friend? Need a hug?

We have a huggable friend you can make at home. Check out the Animal Creation Kit at Fundemonium for $29.99.

You get:

• your choice of animal friend (or we can surprise you)

• stuffing

• an adoption certificate

• a white shirt for your new friend

• glue-on decorations

You provide markers to customize the shirt, glue for the decorations, and love for your new friend.

Princess and Prince Kits

Prince and Princess Kits at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and GamesHey parents and grandparents do you need an activity to keep the kids busy?

Fundemonium has princess and prince kits for $19.99.

The kits come with supplies needed to make:

• a crown

• wand

• one treasure box

Instructions included too. Call us to order 707-540-0701


Puzzles at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games
Do you like to put together puzzles?

We have hundreds of puzzles from many manufacturers. You will find kids puzzles of just a dozen pieces up to master puzzles of 3000 pieces.

We recently received 100 new Ravensburger puzzles. Want to Shop for Puzzles? Click the button below:


Arts And Crafts

Arts and Crafts at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games
You don’t have to stay inside the lines. We have coloring books, paint by numbers, and form arts sets.

If 3D crafts are more your interest we have those too for painting, fabric arts, paper creations, sculpting and more.

Call us to check availability or to order. 707-540-0701

 Want to shop for Arts and Crafts? Click the button below:

Fundemonium is your Art Faire Headquarters!

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Arts and Crafts Kits for Kids

We have arts and crafts for kids from the Ann Williams Group. Sheila Wright is the founder and president of an arts and crafts company named after her children, Amelia Ann and Owen William. Sheila knows that hands-on activities are one of the greatest gifts you can...

7 Glitter Glue Art Ideas for Children

When it comes to indoor activities for kids - which are a welcome thing these days with quarantines and “stay-at-home” orders still prevalent - nothing beats glue projects. Except maybe glitter glue! If It Sticks and Glitters It’s Great! If there’s anything that most...

New – Djeco Arts and Crafts

Djeco arts and crafts are high-quality kits from France meant to inspire creativity in young minds. At Fundemonium we have a selection of: Origami kits Scratch art Sticker kits Mosaic art Collage art

New – Madd Capp Animal Puzzles

Unique, animal-shaped, 100-piece jigsaw puzzle for ages 5 and up. Poster-sized when completed. Puzzle pieces are oversized for easy handling. Each puzzle comes with an educational Fun Facts insert. On one side is a fold-out puzzle image to hang as a poster or use as a...

Try These Fun Arts And Crafts Kits

Arts and crafts. Just the words bring up a wide variety of memories and feelings for adults. Most of us grew up during a time when some form of arts and crafts activities were a regular part of school days. And many of us had the joy of doing various arts and crafts...
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