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Shopping at Fundemonium

Welcome to Fundemonium!

We are a local, all-ages, all-family JOY Store. Fundemonium is not about just finding and buying stuff. Fundemonium is about finding joy, sharing your interests and creativity with people who care about you, and belonging to a community of creative fun. 

When you visit Fundemonium you will find a “World of FUN in store.”

Free Gift Wrapping!

Do you need your perfect present wrapped? We can do that for you and wrapping is always free. We have cards to go with your present too.

Safely Receive Your Purchase

For maximum safety, we can arrange to ship your purchase to you. If you prefer to pick it up in person you can meet us at our pick up table or have contactless delivery to your car at curbside. Of course everything is clean and sanitized.
Steve and Jean Elliot of Fundemonium

A Little Bit of Fun

Thank you for visiting! Your local store owners are Steven and Jean Elliott. Our store offers toys, games, crafts, educational, and hobby products for everyone in your family. We also host daily activities and events like Kidtivites in the Wonderground, Indoor RC Car Racing, Game Play, LEGO Play, club meetings, birthday parties and more!

Our store is run by the Fundemoniacs, a highly-knowledgable team of fun-loving, friendly people who have a passion for the toys, games, and hobbies they sell! Interested in learning more about our team and what makes us the best toy and hobby shop in the wine country? Click here to learn more about us!

Visit the Toy Locker Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Free Play with Sample Toys

Fundemonium always has sample toys and demos out for you to try. Play sample games, try our toys, and ride our ponies!

Visit the Wonderground at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Funbot's Neighborhood

Play in our young child play space! Kids can explore play houses and engage in imaginative play.

Visit the RC Base Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

RC Car Racing and Rock Crawling

Drive, Jump, Bash, Run Up the Wall, and Crawl on Rocks!

Visit the Track Stop Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Slot Car Racing

Enjoy high-speed slot car racing on our classic wooden race track!

Visit the Gametopia Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Play Games

Meet a friend to play games in our gaming area. We have game mats, terrain, and a selection of board games to choose from.

Visit the Toy Locker Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Make a Friend

At the Fundemonium Animal Creation Station we will help you choose, fill, and name your own cuddly friend.

Join the Fun Club | Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Join the Fun Club!

Pick up your personalized FUN CLUB reward card from the FUN CLUB file every time you enter the store to see exactly how close you are to receiving a reward.

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