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Put the Element of Fun into science and learning!

The Science and Education Department at Fundemonium

We carry many award-winning products to help children learn about language arts, natural sciences, electronics, and robotics and have fun doing it. Many of these products are perfect compliments to STEM-based education programs in the schools. Popular brands include SparkFun, Scientific Explorer, Smithsonian, Elenco, OWI, and Sick Science.

Educational Workbooks

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Keep kids rains sharp over summer, school breaks, and teaching at home. We have workbooks and flashcards for pre-school through 6th grade.

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Science Kits Of All Kinds

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Whether are want to build and play with rockets, electronics, or nature we have a kit for you.

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Physics Fun

Learning the fundementals of science is fun! Fundemonium has lots of ways to make science education seem like play.

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Fundemonium is your Science and Education Fun Headquarters!

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Great Science Toys That Make Learning Fun

What child hasn't pretended to be a scientist working on a top-secret formula, a rocket engineer building a spaceship, or a solar technician installing panels? Okay, maybe not solar panel installation. But the sun does make for a great deal of science fun! Especially...

5 Rocket Kits and Launch Sets To Experiment With

Rockets have always thrilled and fascinated children of all ages - and adults!    According to an article on the BuildingGuides blog, “As early as 1919, there has been an interest in rockets. Robert Goddard was among the first to conduct experiments with...

3 Fun, Amazing, And Educational Science Kits For Kids

We live in a time that is filled with technology and the fruits of science. And one of the joys of childhood is to discover the wonders of science with kits and experiments. More recently, there has also been a great emphasis on STEM education for girls. STEM, of...

Robots and Machines for Learning

Looking for fun robotics and engineering activities for science learning? We have a restock of kits in our Fundemonium Elements science section.
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