Party Upgrades!

We have Fun snacks and drinks to fuel your party guests! Plus you can order custom cakes and professional photography.

Party Funbot at Fundemonium Toys, Games and Hobbies

We have Fun snacks and drinks to fuel your party guests!

See full menu below:

Pizza: Large 16" size with 8 slices. Cheese, Pepperoni$30.00
Hot Dog$4.00
Fruit Platter$35.00
Vegetable Platter$35.00
Bag of Chips or Goldfish Crackers$1.50
Juice Box or Capri Sun Juice Pouch$1.00
Kid's Size Water Bottle$1.00
Large Water Bottle$1.50
Can of Soda


Bottled Sodas$3.00
Party Bags - Designed to your custom selection$5.00 - $10.00

Sweet Expectations Cakes and Cupcakes

We have partnered with local baker Sweet Expectations to offer cakes and cupcakes for your party. Tell us what you would like from the options below and we will take care of the rest.


      • 8” round – serves 10 ppl / $50
      • 10” round – serves 16 ppl / $70
      • 1/3 sheet – serves 30 ppl / $90
      • Cupcakes – $48.00 per dozen 1 flavor


      • Chocolate
      • Lemon
      • Red Velvet
      • White
      • Yellow


      • Chocolate Truffle Cream
      • Cream Cheese Filling
      • Strawberry/Cream
      • Raspberry/Cream
      • Lemon Curd/Lemon Cream


      • WCCCI – Whip cream cream cheese icing
      • Swiss Meringue Butter Cream (white or chocolate)
      • Non-Dairy Whip Topping

You are welcome to bring your own party food and drinks for a $30.00 service charge.
No charge to bring your own cake or cupcakes.

Party Bags!

Give your party guests an extra gift to take home! Tell us your budget and we will put together Party Bags with toys and candy for each guest.

Professional Photography by QT With a Camera

Would you like a professional photographer to record your party event?
We can arrange for one or two hours of photography with all photos provided to you as high-resolution digital files.

1-hour: $175
2-hours: $250


We have all kinds of event themes! Check out some of our most popular ones below:

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Fundemonium is your Fun Event Headquarters!

We love having events for our dedicated modelers, rc enthusiasts, miniature painters and gamers of all genres. Check below to see the latest in our store events:

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Free Play with Sample Toys

Fundemonium always has sample toys and demos out for you to try. Play sample games, try our toys, and ride our ponies!

Visit the Wonderground at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Funbot's Neighborhood

Play in our young child play space! Kids can explore play houses and engage in imaginative play.

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RC Car Racing and Rock Crawling

Drive, Jump, Bash, Run Up the Wall, and Crawl on Rocks!

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Slot Car Racing

Enjoy high-speed slot car racing on our classic wooden race track!

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Play Games

Meet a friend to play games in our gaming area. We have game mats, terrain, and a selection of board games to choose from.

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Make a Friend

At the Fundemonium Animal Creation Station we will help you choose, fill, and name your own cuddly friend.