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Gametopia is where you will find challenging and exciting games for the whole family.

Gametopia at Fundemonium

Gametopia is where you will find challenging and exciting games for the whole family. We have fun kids games, classic family games, and advanced strategy and miniature games. Many of our game players meet at the Wonderground for regularly scheduled play and tournaments. Check out our Events Calendar for our game days.

Games, Games, Games

Fundemonium has games for all players

We have games for all players. Miniatures games, advanced board games, role playing games, card games, children’s games, and classic games.

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Miniature Figures To Paint

Model PaintingIf you have been inspired to start painting game miniatures, check out the Reaper and D&D miniatures we have in stock at Fundemonium. These miniatures can be used with many games or can be fun to paint and collect on their own.

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