It’s that time of year! As we slip into the holiday season it’s time for holiday shopping. While most folks may think in terms of simply “Christmas shopping”, others look to the holiday shopping season as a good time to get great deals on all sorts of items, including gifts for the following holiday season, birthdays, and so on. 

According to the National Retail Federation,

“In terms of retail spending, the winter holidays include the months of November and December and cover major consumer shopping events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. However, many consumers start browsing holiday items and sales earlier than that.”

Of course, holiday shopping is both a social activity for many as well as a personal pursuit.


a bunch of holiday gift bags

When Do We Start Our Holiday Shopping Plans?

The old joke that most men wait until “the day before” to do their gift buying and other holiday shopping may have a substantial degree of truth to it. However, there are many shoppers – including a few men – who actually begin their holiday shopping far in advance.

In fact, a recent article in the Herald & Review noted,

“If you feel like you’re ready to dive in, you’re not alone. In fact, a September 2023 survey from Bankrate showed that 50% of holiday shoppers have already started buying their holiday gifts (or plan to do so by Halloween on Oct. 31).

Breaking down the data further, 12% of shoppers began working on their holiday lists back in August, while another 12% started in September and 26% began or plan to in October. The remaining 50% plan to begin in November (37% ) or December (13%).

While the 50% who get in the holiday shopping spirit before Halloween might appear comically ahead of the rush, there are a number of benefits that come with shopping for seasonal gifts and supplies with a few months to spare.”

Of course, it is tempting to think that, with statistics such as these, that it’s already too late to get started on your holiday shopping. However, nothing could be further from the truth. And this is especially so for Sonoma County shoppers who are looking to find the perfect gifts for the kiddos in their lives.


Where to Go for Holiday Fun and Shopping: Fundemonium

At Fundemonium, we are proud to be the largest emporium for all things Toy, Hobby, and Game related in vibrant Sonoma County. Our remarkable inventory boasts a wide array of delightful products, from infant toys to model railroading, scale models, games, and art supplies, to an impressive selection of Radio Control (RC) trucks, boats, and drones.

But Fundemonium is more than a “toy and hobby” retail space; it’s a thriving 14,000 square foot community center where families and hobby enthusiasts, regardless of age, come together to connect, engage, and play. Step into Fundemonium, and you’ll witness a lively scene: kids immersed in the Wonderground, teenagers and adults deeply involved in their favorite games, and hobby clubs congregating for their shared passions.

This is where the magic happens, where the fun roars to life! Come on in and experience it all firsthand at Fundemonium!

We are not just a fantastic store; we’re a grand FUN destination. At the helm are the Fundemoniacs, a spirited, knowledgeable team of individuals whose shared love for toys, games, and hobbies shines through. Interested in joining our crew and becoming a part of Sonoma County’s premier toy and hobby shop? 

At Fundemonium, we provide a welcoming, secure space where individuals of all ages can partake in creative fun. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to one mission: ensuring you have an enjoyable time.

With our convenient operating hours seven days a week, we’re here to serve you. Beyond our doors, we extend our support to the local community through the Rotary Club, community events, and fundraising initiatives. Fundemonium is your locally owned business and supporting us means you’re supporting your community.


Holiday Shopping for Kids Means Christmas Shopping – And That Means Toys and More!

Forget what you remember about cold, warehouse-style, big box stores that stock the same items as all the other characterless retailers. We’re big but not colorless and impersonal. We stock thousands of items, but not just the same thing everyone is being told to sell each year. 

Here’s a brief tour of our dazzling array of “departments” that we invite you to come and peruse through in person:

  • Art Faire: Where you’ll find artist supplies and craft kits of all kinds.
  • Gametopia: Where you will discover challenging and exciting game for the whole family.
  • RC Base: Take control and make your models move! Cars, trucks, boats, and planes.
  • Model Foundry: For those who love to build scale models of all kinds.
  • Science and Education: Putting the “Element of Fun” into learning science and technology.
  • Toy Locker: Here is where you will find great toys for all who are young and young at heart.
  • Tool Chest: For many, hobby and art projects mean “fun” and we have the tools they need.
  • Track Stop: All aboard here for model railroading and model slot car sets and accessories.


a girl in a puffer jacket and bucket hat holding holiday shopping bags

Fundemonium: The Hottest Spot in Sonoma County for the Best in Holiday Gifts

What will you find at Fundemonium? Hundreds of popular and fun toys, games, hobby items, craft kits, art supplies, and so much more. We are your Sonoma County destination for your holiday gift-buying in Rohnert Park. So, whether it’s simply a few dozen fun and unique stocking stuffers, or the latest in the best RC cars or trucks, we have just what you need to put huge smiles on the faces of your young (and not-so-young) kiddos, friends, and family this holiday season.

One of the best for choosing Fundemonium for your holiday gifts is that we are so much more than a toy store. We are also a fun family experience where families and friends can meet and experience a wide variety of activities and indoor events. In fact, Fundemonium is a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can always enjoy creative fun – all year long.

Fundemonium truly is your “Holiday Shopping Hotspot” because, along with our great selection of creative and fun toys, we also have tons of games, kits, and hobby products for kids of all ages.

You can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable assistants, a.k.a. Fundemoniacs, always make it their business to help you have fun. And we always do our best to respond quickly to website inquiries about toys, games, and more.

Of course, you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701. Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our staff.