Fundemonium Gift Registry

Let our Fundemoniacs help you find the perfect present!

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Pick the Perfect Present!

Have you ever received a Not-So-Good Gift?

It’s the thought that counts right? Why settle for the Not-So-Good Gift when the Perfect Present is possible?

If you are planing a party or celebration that includes gifts, or if you are thinking ahead to your own birthday, graduation, or Christmas; Fundemonium can make gift shopping Easy and Fun for you and your friends.

It is Easy and Fun!

Explore the store and put desired gifts in a basket. A Fundemonium employee will write the gifts on your gift registry for your guests to shop.

  • You or your child get the perfect presents.
  • Your friends get free gift wrapping.
  • You have easy returns.
  • Your friends avoid duplicate gifts.
  • Your friends can join our Fun Club and receive a 5% Fun Club Reward for everything they purchase.

Click to download a printable file of the invitation insert below.

Contact if you would like us to add your child’s name for a custom insert.

We have all kinds of event themes! Check out some of our most popular ones below:

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RC Car Racing

Science Fun

Slot Car Racing

Animal Friend

Scale Models

BFF Party

Funbot's Play Party

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Fundemonium is your Fun Event Headquarters!

We love having events for our dedicated modelers, rc enthusiasts, miniature painters and gamers of all genres. Check below to see the latest in our store events:

Visit the Toy Locker Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Free Play with Sample Toys

Fundemonium always has sample toys and demos out for you to try. Play sample games, try our toys, and ride our ponies!

Visit the Wonderground at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Funbot's Neighborhood

Play in our young child play space! Kids can explore play houses and engage in imaginative play.

Visit the RC Base Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

RC Car Racing and Rock Crawling

Drive, Jump, Bash, Run Up the Wall, and Crawl on Rocks!

Visit the Track Stop Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Slot Car Racing

Enjoy high-speed slot car racing on our classic wooden race track!

Visit the Gametopia Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Play Games

Meet a friend to play games in our gaming area. We have game mats, terrain, and a selection of board games to choose from.

Visit the Toy Locker Department at Fundemonium Toys, Hobbies and Games

Make a Friend

At the Fundemonium Animal Creation Station we will help you choose, fill, and name your own cuddly friend.