About Our RC Base Products

R/C Base is where you take control and make your models move!

The RC Base at Fundemonium

R/C Base is where you take control and make your models move! Whether it drives, floats, or flies we have the radio controlled model for you. We also carry the parts and accessories that you need to keep your prized R/C moving. If we don’t stock the model or part that you want, we will try to get it for you and at a discount! See our Fun Club Benefits for details. We host a monthly R/C Fun Run Spring through Fall and can host R/C Birthday Parties.

Radio Control Vehicles

If it flies or drives we probably have a radio controlled version of it. Check out RC Base for Rock Crawlers, Monster Trucks, Buggies, Road Cars, Tanks, Construction Equipment, Boats, Planes, Drones, and more. We even have a radio controlled farm tractor!

Call us to check availability or to order. 707-540-0701

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Fundemonium is your Remote Control Headquarters!

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A Breakdown Of Some Of The Fastest RC Boats You Can Buy

If you own one and love to take it out to the nearest pond, pool, or lake, then you know that RC boats are special, and operating one is far beyond simply "playing" with an RC toy. RC boating can take on many flavors, from radio control sailboats to tugboats to...

Top 5 Fastest Remote Control Cars of 2022

Humans seem to have a fascination – some would say an obsession – with speed. As a result, there have been a long series of attempts to set speed records. For the most part, these were simply local races on foot, on a horse, or – in some cultures – horse-drawn...

It’s Time to Gather The Crew For Some RC Racing At Fundemonium

Are you an RC racing fan? Well, it’s been over a month since Christmas and racing your new RC car around your driveway, and your residential street is getting old. It’s time for some new challenges, some new venues. Yes, you’re getting a bit bored. So, you find...

Fundemonium: Rohnert Park’s Home for Fun and Adventure!

The weekend is approaching, and you're already anticipating another long, two days with bored kids and nothing to do. Before you know it, you're on your phone typing in, "Fun things to do near me." But wait…! We can help out with that. In fact, at Fundemonium, we have...

How Fundemonium Gives Broken RC Cars New Life

The kids are enthusiastically trying out their new RC cars, toys, and other gifts on Christmas Day. Sounds of laughter and electronic gadgets fill the air, and everyone is having a wonderful time. Until the crash. Fortunately, it wasn’t one of the kids. Unfortunately,...
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