For those who enjoy getting outside and having RC fun, the arrival of spring means more time to run those RC cars, RC boats, and other RC vehicles like bulldozers and tanks, and even radio control crocodiles! And having a local RC car shop to support all that fun makes it that much better.

Whether on the street, in the dirt, on the water, or in the air, radio control or RC vehicles and toys are great fun and a great way to welcome the spring weather.


RC Fun for the Spring – And Anytime of the Year

For some, RC vehicles seem to be a relatively new thing which is primarily due to the recent surge in popularity. And that surge has been driven by an explosion of new RC toys and more accessible and affordable RC vehicles. These include compact and easy-to-operate cars and trucks for toddlers as well as a dizzying array of drones and drone-like flying RC toys.

But RC toys and vehicles really aren’t something “new” as it turns out.

In fact, RC cars and trucks have been popular for decades. What all these miniature vehicles have in common is that they are controlled by handheld remote controllers. The cars and trucks can be driven on a wide range of terrain, from paved roads to rugged off-road trails.

And part of the popularity of RC cars and trucks is due to their realistic design and details, the often high-performance capabilities, and the ability to customize and modify them with different parts and accessories.

Another reason for the popularity of RC toys and the enthusiasm for RC fun is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors for racing, off-roading, rock climbing, and stunt driving. In addition to their ability to provide hours of entertainment and excitement, they also appeal to a wide range of hobbyists, from children to adults.

For those who especially enjoy the mechanics, hardware, and electronics aspect of RC fun – the RC “gear heads,” as it were – the advanced technologies like brushless motors, lithium-ion batteries, and digital controllers have made RC cars and trucks much more fun. And much faster, more powerful, and more responsive than ever, as well.

The variety of sizes and types of RC cars, trucks, boats, planes, and drones that are available continues to increase, too. RC fans can find a wide range of scales, from micro-sized models to larger, more powerful vehicles.

And there seems that there’s no end in sight when it comes to RC fun!

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The Benefits of a Great and Local RC Shop for RC Enthusiasts

There are, of course, a contingent of RC hobbyists who find a great deal of joy and satisfaction in upgrading, modifying, and even repairing their own RC vehicles. Then there are the majority of RC car, truck, and drone owners who want to race, crawl, climb, and fly without worrying about the mechanics of their RC vehicles.

And having a local RC shop to take care of those needs – whether that’s providing parts and advice or complete repairs – is a great boon for RC vehicle owners in Sonoma County.

At Fundemonium, we support our avid RC customers by providing the parts and accessories that they need to keep their favorite RC cars and trucks moving. If we don’t stock the model or part that they want or need, by the way, we always go out of our way to get it for them!


Fundemonium’s Pledge to Keep the Fun in RC Ownership

We also go out of our way to make that our in-store customer support is simple: Essentially, we guarantee that if you buy something at Fundemonium during the first 30 days that you own it, if it gets broken for any reason, you can bring it back to the store and we’ll fix it – and you only pay for the parts.

In other words, we’ll put it back together for you at no charge for the labor!

But wait – there’s more! We can also show you how to do your own repairs so you can avoid paying for repair labor costs after the first 30 days have passed.

We do this at Fundemonium with our RC Repair Services partly because we love RC as much as you do and also because we want your first month with your new RC vehicle to be fun and carefree. Being able to go out and play with it, learn how to operate it, and develop the skills that you need means you won’t feel that you’re “in over your head” with your RC car, truck, or drone.

We also have fantastic RC parties that allow kids to experience the fun of RC racing with all of their friends and families. Fundemonium can also help with that RC itch, even when those pesky spring showers keep you from going outdoors. Just stop on by at Fundemonium, rent one of our RC cars or trucks, and let loose on our indoor track.

Fundemonium is Your RC Shop Location for the Best in RC FunSpring RC Camp 2018

When it comes to the best in great RC Cars, RC Boats, and other types of RC Vehicles, you‘ll find them at Fundemonium’s RC Base in Rohnert Park.

And, best of all, we are much more than a toy store that carries RC cars.

Unlike most RC shops, we carry a full range of RC vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, tanks, and planes, as well as other fun RC toys. And we don’t just sell them – we can repair them for you, too!

So, if you bash your RC drift racer, or have a problem with your RC rock crawler, for example, simply bring it to the Fundemonium RC car repair center. We can have you back on the track or in the dirt in no time.

Having fun with your RC cars or trucks means always being able to run. This is why, at Fundemonium, we make it our mission to have the parts and accessories that you need to keep your RC vehicles moving. And if we don’t stock the model or part that you want or need, we will go out of our way to get it for you!

Fundemonium is much more than just an RC car shop or even a toy and game store. We are a full-fledged, family-fun experience. This means that we are also a fun place for families and hobby enthusiasts of all ages to come together and play.

And when it comes to any type of RC car and truck, we do more than just stock and sell them. We do our best to quickly respond to inquiries about RC cars, RC boats, and other fun RC vehicles through our website, but you can also find an answer to your question by calling us.

If you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs during our business hours, you can call us at (707) 540-0701.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you this spring!

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