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Plan Your Ultimate Custom Party With Help From Fundemonium!

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Plan Your Ultimate Custom Party With Help From Fundemonium!


When it comes to creating your own custom party, there are numerous elements that need to be tended to. Fundemonium believes that the key to a great party is the attention to detail that goes into planning that party. That is why our Party Concierge will work with you to help ensure everything is set up for maximum fun and enjoyment. When it comes to “fun” nobody does it like we do; heck our name says it all!

Think of Fundemonium for birthdays, team rewards, club events, or any other reason you have to celebrate. All Fundemonium parties are personalized experiences, designed to ensure your guests have fun. Our Party Concierge is with you for the full duration of your party to serve you and guide your guests through all of the exciting and FUN activities you’ve selected for your individualized party!

A Fundemonium party is a magical and unique experience, and we can turn just about anything in the store into a party. However, that doesn’t mean that our parties are just for kids. We can help take virtually any party idea you have and make it a reality.

Whether you are trying to find a fun place to do a little team-building work with your employees and co-workers or are looking to create the ultimate game night party, Fundemonium is your go-to personalized party provider….now we dare YOU to say that three times fast!

A Fundemonium party includes the following:

  • The organization and preparation of your custom-designed party. You can also choose from one of our popular party themes or modify them to make your party perfect!
  • Fundemonium provides a Party Concierge to serve you and manage the party activities.
  • Parties last for 2 hours:
    • 30 minutes casual activity while your guests arrive
    • 1 hour of host-led activities
    • 30 minutes in a Party Room for cake and presents
  • Fundemonium provides tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and basic decorations.
  • You bring your own cake and any special decorations that you like.
  • Up to 10 guests are included in the party price, additional guests can be added for a nominal fee.
  • We handle set-up and clean-up.

For food and other upgrades you can order à la carte from our Party Menu for food, drink, cake, and Party Bag choices.
Bring your own food for only a $30 food service fee; you still get plates, cups, napkins, and serving assistance.


So, What Kind of Party Will You Choose!?

We have all kinds of party themes! Check out some of our most popular ones below:

LEGO Party

RC Car Racing

Science Fun

Slot Cars Party

Animal Friend

Scale Models

BFF Party

Casual Play

Request a Party

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