Young Child Casual Play Party!

The casual play party is perfect for young children who are not ready for a structured activity.

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Young Child Casual Play Party – $199 and Up

The casual play party is perfect for young children who are not ready for a structured activity. We set up fun and age-appropriate toys for the kids. Children play and the parents can socialize. A simple craft for up to 10 kids can be added for just $50.


A Fundemonium party includes the following:

  • Your choice of one of our popular Party Themes. You can also have us design a custom party.
  • Fundemonium provides a Party Host to serve you and manage the party activities.
  • Parties last for 2 hours.

    We have all kinds of party themes! Check out some of our most popular ones below:

    LEGO Party

    RC Car Racing

    Science Fun

    Slot Cars Party

    Animal Friend

    Scale Models

    BFF Party

    Casual Play

    Request a Party

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