Few things make the recent winter seem to be lingering than cool, damp spring weather. The urge to get out of the house and enjoy the spring can be frustrating when it’s just too wet or cold out.

But the good news is that you can get out of the house – and over to Sonoma County’s local, all-ages, all-family JOY Store!

A day at Fundemonium is like no other. Whatever your interests or your age, you’ll find fun items and activities that will spark your creativity, brighten your mood, and help you have fun. We never tire of telling folks that Fundemonium is more than just a toy, hobby, and game store – it is a family fun experience where families and hobby enthusiasts and kids of all ages can meet and play, find great gifts and discover new ways to have fun.

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When the Outdoors Means Staying Indoors: Finding Fun at Fundemonium

As we’ve said, Fundemonium is much more than a local hobby store. And we’re much than a toy store, or game store, or a craft store, too. But we are all those things – and more.

When you come to visit us here at Fundemonium – Rohnert Park’s destination for fun – you’ll find loads of things to see, do, and play with. Along with games, toys, slot car racing, and a fun-tastic place for birthday parties, we host a slew of local events for hobbyists, gamers, and RC race care enthusiasts.

For example, you can check out our RC car rentals and try your hand on our RC track with jumps and wall ramp. Going a bit slower with some challenging obstacles more your speed? Rent an RC rock crawler to drive over our obstacle course. Or, if you want, simply bring your own car to race or crawl.

While radio control cars and trucks are great, there is something about slot car racing that stirs the competitive juices. Come and have fun racing 1/24 scale and 1/32 scale slot cars with other fans of this addictive hobby.


Welcome to our Neighborhood!Funbots Neighborhood wc-moms-01

If you’re a parent with younger kiddos, you can be sure they’ll have a blast at Funbot’s Neighborhood.

Funbot’s Neighborhood is designed for younger children to enjoy imaginative, more casual play in a clean and safe place. Our workshop contains blocks, magnetic tiles, and construction toys, to let children create whatever they can imagine.

And there’s so much more!

Funbot’s Market is a make-believe grocery with a checkout stand and register so kids can shop for food. And they can take their “food” to Funbot’s House where they’ll find a kitchen, dining table, and even a baby crib – just like at home. But not everyone wants to eat in, of course. No problem – at Funbot’s Cafe little ones will find dining tables and a kitchen where kids can pretend to go out to eat with their friends.

For the grown-ups, whose young children bring them to the neighborhood, Funbot’s Park is fully equipped with adult-sized tables and chairs to relax at while the smaller ones will find toys like Hot Wheels, Wooden Trains, and Doll Houses.

And just to be sure that things stay fresh and fun, the toys in Funbot’s Neighborhood change from time to time and there is always plenty to do.


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Fundemonium: Birthday Parties, Local Events, Places to Play, and More!

If your child’s birthday comes around every Spring, a great way to celebrate is with a custom party at Fundemonium. But wait… you don’t have to have a birthday to have a reason for throwing a party. It can be for a club event, a sports team celebration, or just about any other reason for celebrating.

And, sometimes, kids just want to play. At Fundemonium, that’s never a problem!

That’s because we always have sample toys available for kids to try. And some of our most popular one include playing games like Cow Pie Catapult and Klask, driving toy RC cars, hugging stuffed animals (they like that!), field testing rubber-band guns, trying out different fidget toys, and even getting to ride on our ponies!

So, if your spring days are feeling a bit damp, dark, and keeping you indoors, just trade your indoors for ours and discover a universe of fun and play for kids of all ages.


Fundemonium: Your All Ages, All Family, Joy Store!Fundemonium Jean Family Toy Pet

You can find it all here! Fundemonium is Rohnert Park’s premier toy, game, and hobby headquarters for fun.

Put away the video games and head down to Fundemonium to discover the center of the “Fun Universe” in Sonoma County! We guarantee you that you’ll find there is so much to see and do here for kids of all ages.

Fundemonium is more than a toy store. We are a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can enjoy creative fun. In addition, we have an excellent selection of RC cars, board games, toys, and hundreds of hobby products for your entire family.

You can also be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff pride themselves on helping you have fun because our mission here is to put the “Fun” in Fundemonium!

We always do our best to quickly respond to website inquiries, and you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701.

Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.


Today is a Great Day to Come and Play With Us!