Kids love to draw. From toddlers creating masterpieces with crayons on the walls of your house, to the grade-schooler drawing detailed panoramas filled with details and backgrounds, almost every kid draws. And, while for some parents, providing drawing supplies for kids is a sure way to keep them occupied for a bit, there are far deeper benefits for young artists.


Drawing as a Child Development Toola child's drawing

Much research has been done in the field of child development and one of the more interesting findings is the role that drawing plays in the overall development of children.

One organization has noted,

“Drawing helps children improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Drawing helps children improve their hand-eye coordination. It gives them the opportunity to form connections between what they see and do. As an activity, you can have your child draw an object they’re looking at.”

And a recent blog article informs us that,

“Drawing helps your child communicate feelings, ideas, dreams and wishes. Drawing improves your child’s sense of space and attention to detail. Drawing is a great way to foster your child’s self-esteem. Drawing lets your child experiment and develop a creative mindset.”

In other words when we make drawing supplies for kids available at home, we are contributing to their development in a surprisingly comprehensive and holistic way.

For example, drawing, like reading or writing, is a learned skill that can be taught and developed, according to Fresno Pacific University. The practice of drawing develops a kid’s perceptual-cognitive skills, the ability to accurately perceive, process, and utilize visual information, which is a skill that transfers into all disciplines of learning.

And picking up drawing supplies for kids can be a lot of fun, too!


Fundemonium: Great Drawing Supplies for Kids (Of Every Age!)

At Fundemonium’s Art Faire you will find artist supplies and craft kits of all kinds. Art and craft work is one of the oldest and most fulfilling human activities and we place a high priority on providing a vast selection of materials for budding artists as well as accomplished masters. 

Because drawing for kids is not limited to using pens and pencils, we have a great deal of various types of supplies for young artists including markers, crayons, glitter pens, and other fun materials.

One of the great things about kids is that they are not as “locked in” to preconceived rules and methods for certain activities like adults tend to be. In other words, “drawing” activities for kids often bleed over into painting, gluing, cutting things with scissors, and even drifting into three-dimensional “craft” projects and activities.

And that is certainly a good thing. 

So, to accommodate the often unpredictable directions an afternoon of “drawing” for kids might take, we have not only drawing pads and classic drawing supplies, but we also have coloring books, paint by number kits, and form arts sets. In addition, we have…

  • colored pens
  • gel pens
  • plastic crayons
  • acrylic paints
  • paint cups and brushes
  • stand-up and tabletop easels
  • sketch pads
  • poster paints
  • finger paints
  • sidewalk chalk

…and even a variety clay products, because one never knows what a kid’s drawing session might look like or inspire!


Drawing Supplies for Kids Can Be Fun

Little ones love to draw. And because they’re not encumbered by the restrictive presumptions about art that plague grown-up artists, their “drawing” and their drawing supplies are often much more fun. For example, small hands work best with larger drawing supplies and the Melissa and Doug Jumbo Princess & Fairy Coloring Pad is perfect for crayons, paints, and markers – as well as pencils.

And some kids love to create images that incorporate the fun of a puzzle, which is why the Usborne Wipe-Clean Dot-to-Dot activity book is such a winner. A great way for younger children to learn pen control, this kit uses a special pen to “connect the dots” to discover what the pictures show in each brightly illustrated page. Best of all, every page can be wiped clean so your child can connect the dots over and over again.

There are kids who draw, and then there are kids who are serious artists! For those of you who have budding Picasso’s or Thomas Kinkaide in the house, something a bit more substantial in the way of drawing supplies might be in order. Not to worry!

With the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magnetic Art Easel, your young artist will have an art “center” that features removable plastic trays for easy-to-reach art supplies, 39 letter and number magnets, and both a magnetic chalkboard and a dry-erase board. In addition, this easel can hold either an 18″ wide or 12″ wide paper roll. 


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