“There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children’s book and the board game.” – Brian K. Vaughan

It may be a bit of a stretch to say that everyone loves board games, but there’s no denying their popularity. In fact, North America is the largest market for board games in the world, and the industry was estimated to be worth 4.4 billion dollars in 2019.

Then came the coronavirus and a whole lot of staying at home!

The sale of board games jumped over the spring and summer of 2020, and sales for board games globally has been estimated to hit more than $7,600,000 by the end of 2020. The toy company Hasbro reported a jump of more than 20 percent in board game sales for example, and survey results reported by Statista noted that almost 90 percent of respondents said they enjoyed playing board games. 

At the risk of being a bit nerdier with numbers, one article notes that,

“Board games are segmented into Puzzles, Table-top games, Collectible card games, Card and dice games, Miniature games and RPG board games. Table-top games include games like Monopoly, Ludo, Scrabble, Checkers, and Chess hold the highest market share, estimated at about 67 percent. Monopoly retains its Monopoly as the most popular board game with a 30 percent share of market within the Table-top category.”

Obviously, adults of all ages love board games. However, with Christmas just around the corner, many parents are likely wondering what the best board games are for their kids in 2021? 

Let’s find out!

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The Top 3 Best Board Games for Kids in 2021

First, a bit of a disclaimer: board games, like fine art, are subjective. In other words, every kid is drawn to particular types of games and no two kids will necessarily like the same games. That being said, there are a number of games for 2021 that have a great track record for a majority of kids.

One parenting blog rated new board games according to gameplay, objective, and strategy or style. Their top choices had already won acclaim in gaming circles since their release, and included the following:


1. Suspend (Ages 8+)

This balance game from Melissa & Doug is fun for the whole family. The premise is simple and familiar: roll the die and add the game rod of that color to a growing sculpture without causing it all to collapse.


2. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (Ages11+)

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s magical Wizarding World will be sure to love this game. And Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is a great, kid-friendly introduction to the worlds of cooperative tabletop games and deck-building card games.


3. Blokus (Ages 7+)

This hands-on game uses strategy to build across the gameboard with brightly-colored blocks. The goal is to fit as many of a player’s 21 uniquely-shaped pieces on the board as possible, while blocking opponents from doing the same. And the rules are simple and easy to learn.


Top 5 Classic Board Games for Kids


7+ Best Board Games For Kids in 2021

1. Clue

Since its release in 1949, the game Clue (Ages 8+) is still a top-seller and one of the most popular family board games of all time. In fact, over 150 million of them were sold as of its 70th anniversary in 2019.


2. Monopoly

Everyone loves Monopoly (Ages 8+). And now, with over 200 basic versions of the game, including Monopoly Junior for ages 5-8, what’s not to love? Bringing strategy, financial education, and family fun into homes since 1933, a version of this game is a sure winner.


3. Candyland

And who hasn’t played Candyland (Ages 8+) at some point in their childhood? As one of the top 10 selling games still, this classic continues to appeal to children today.


4. Scrabble

Scrabble (Ages 8+) may be the final word in crossword games, and with the addition of Scrabble Junior, even children as young as 4 or 5 can play. With two versions, one on each side of the board, the younger children’s game is played by matching tiles to letters printed on the board. The older kid’s game is a basic version of Scrabble with simple scoring.


5. Pictionary

While not as old as these other more venerable contenders, Pictionary (Ages 8-12) is 35 years old this year and still one of the top selling family games ever. While not strictly just a “board game” it still fits in the general category – and kids love it!

So, we’ve ended up with a short list of three new, best board games for kids along with five of the best classic board games for kids, any of which will be great gifts for 2021. 


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