Summer! Long days of sunshine, long warm nights of get-togethers with family and friends, and a seemingly endless pursuit of fun.


And we have a wagonload of insanely fun outdoor games that you and your family can play this summer.


8 Games Guaranteed to Keep the Fun Going Every Day this Summer

Whether it’s a friendly game of catch or a no-holds-barred competition, we’ve got some fun games for kids of every age up to 99!

For the smaller ones, there’s an awesome – and safe way for them to play darts.


1. Kids Inflatable Dart Ball 


You and your kids will all have a blast with this Kids Inflatable Dart Ball game that lets you test your throwing accuracy and challenge your friends!

The ingenious inflatable board design and soft tennis-ball “darts” make this a fun, portable, and kid-safe alternative to traditional darts – and it can be played virtually anywhere. Transform your backyard or a park into your family game room.

This makes for a fun game at a summer birthday party or neighborhood gathering for some friendly competition. Think of it as darts without all the sharp points. It’s fun for everyone and perfect for kids ages 3 and up.


2. Wicked Big Sports® Catch and Toss


Toss it! Catch it! It Sticks! Play a leisurely game of catch or dial-it-up a notch by adding your own tricks using the Wicked Big Sports Catch & Toss set. Each set features two oversized catch pads with adjustable hand straps and one ball.

Fun for anyone, especially the older kids. And to make it fair, the catch pad Paddles are a “wicked big” 12” in diameter.


3. Wicked Big Sports® Basket Heads


Think of it as “Funny Basketball” or a wacky toss game for outdoor play. The game can be played one-on-one, two-on-two, or just grab all your family and friends and create your own rules! Gameplay instructions included.

Basket Heads is designed to be portable so you can play anywhere – both outdoors and in. Toss the balls into your partner’s basket! The first team to catch their four balls wins! It’s the perfect game for the whole family.

The set includes two inflatable baskets with straps and eight ball pit-style balls. The head basket straps are designed to make one size fits all.


4. Flip Toss Yard Game


Great outdoor fun almost anywhere (and preferably outdoors!) 

Guaranteed to create great fun and to test your catching skills. Simply “flip” the plastic Aero-Strike ball into the air and watch as your opponent tries to catch it in the catch basket. The Flip Toss Set from Franklin Sports is portable and can be easily carried in a backpack or beach bag.

This is an outdoor game that is fun and goes anywhere. Includes two molded plastic catch baskets and one Aero-strike plastic ball.


5. Throw N Splash


The Throw N Splash from Franklin Sports is a fun, outdoor handheld game you can play at the beach, at your next picnic, in the pool, or at a family barbeque. The concept is simple: toss the water-soaked “Splash Ball” with the specially designed handheld net launchers. 

The set comes with two netted launchers and one multi-colored splash ball. The set’s netted paddles include a unique design element-spring action handle-for fast-paced fun!


6. Ladder Ball Set 


The Starter Ladder Ball Set from Franklin Sports is a fun version of a classic backyard game that will bring hours of fun to your kids or during your summer backyard barbeque or picnic. A great game for a day on the beach, playing in the backyard, or at the park.

Ladder Ball is sure to create summer memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime. This ladder ball set is a classic game that people of all ages can enjoy.

 The PVC frames measure 36″ x 24″ and are quick and easy to assemble, which means more time playing and less time putting it together. The set includes six tournament-style bolas, three red and three blue.


7. Bashminton


Here’s a BIG new take on a backyard summer classic game. Try out this new oversized soft racket version of badminton! Test your skills by volleying back and forth with the oversized Bashminton soft rackets and bashable, bouncy birdie ball.

Includes two 21″ rackets and one 4 1/2″diameter birdie ball.


8. Pitch-N-Catch


This fun catch game makes throw and catch way more fun because the ball doesn’t slip out of your hand! Each round Pitch-N-Catch paddle is Velcro-covered with an adjustable hand strap. Great for summer outdoor play, 

This neon ball and Velcro-covered paddle set makes playing catch easy! The ball sticks to the paddles when tossed. 

Set includes two 7.5 paddles and a 2.5 ball that sticks easily to the paddles.


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