If you own one and love to take it out to the nearest pond, pool, or lake, then you know that RC boats are special, and operating one is far beyond simply “playing” with an RC toy.

RC boating can take on many flavors, from radio control sailboats to tugboats to trawlers and even battleships that can reach three feet in length! On the other end of the RC boating scale, there is RC boat racing. And this is where the fastest RC boats can be found.

In fact, speed is a major factor in RC boat racing, but it is of a different character than that of radio control cars and trucks.


In Search of the Fastest RC Boat in the World

Speed is an obsession for many people. And when it comes to RC, or radio control, toys, and vehicles, it’s no different.

RC boats are exciting, fun ways to enjoy your time on the waterWe looked briefly at the history of land speed records in an earlier article. But people have pursued speed records on the surface of water, as well, for a long time now. Until the invention of steam power and the implementation of steam engines in the 18th century, however, speed on water was greatly limited.

Currently, according to Wikipedia, the fastest speed on water was achieved in Australia,

“The world unlimited Water Speed Record is the officially recognized fastest speed achieved by a water-borne vehicle, irrespective of propulsion method. The current unlimited record is 511.11 km/h (317.59 mph), achieved by Australian Ken Warby in the Spirit of Australia in 1978.”

This, of course, is not a pursuit for the faint of heart!

While a lake’s surface may seem harmless – you can dip your hand in it so easily, right? Hitting that surface at speeds exceeding 300 mph is not much different from bouncing along concrete or asphalt. So, we’ll gladly leave the next water speed record to more hardy souls.

In the meantime, you may wonder what the fastest RC boat in the world is?

Apparently, the speed record was set in Germany a few years back with a Hydro L8 speed boat that reached an incredible 206 mph!

Of course, this is nothing close to the top speeds of most commercially available RC speed boats and racing craft, but even those are nothing to sneeze at. For fast RC boats, you need look no further than Fundemonium’s RC Base. In addition to the random RC Crocodile Head (Yes, we have ’em!), you can find an excellent selection of fast RC boats.

All of these are a far cry from the first known radio control boat designed, built, and demonstrated by Nikola Tesla, who revealed his new invention, a radio-controlled torpedo boat, in 1898, at Madison Square Garden. While we don’t know how fast it could’ve gone, we do know that it was a 4-foot-long miniature ship with three antennas.


When RC Boats Mean Speed, Not Leisure

SONIC19-XLINothing against sailing nor working craft, but what can beat a day on the pond with a speed boat darting across the low ripples and making hairpin turns at the far end of the beach? Simply put, speed thrills. Even with boats.

So, what is the fastest RC boat you can buy?

Well, it depends. Okay, so that’s not the answer you may have wanted, but the truth is that there are dozens of sleek, well-designed, and powerful RC speed boats that can all hit over 50 mph. And while not strictly true, this does seem to be the upper limit of speed for most RTR (Ready-to-Run) radio control boats.

But they are fast!

For example, consider the SONIC 26-XLI High-Speed brushless boat featured at the RC Base in Fundemonium. Considered a beast of a boat in a race, it hits speeds in excess of 50 km/h (30+ mph). Not for beginners, but it does feature a self-righting function which is essential for fast boats skimming over open water.

Want something fast but maybe a bit smaller? No worries! We got you covered on that, too!

The SONIC19-XLI Brushless Speed Boat is another RTR radio control craft that boasts screaming speeds of over 45 km/h and a similar sleek, high-performance design to it’s larger cousin. And like the bigger boat, this speed master features a long-range 2.4G radio system and a convenient self-righting function.

Another contender you can find at Fundemonium is the Power Boat Racer Deep-V 17-Inches Speed Boat.

This Ready-to-Run speed demon pushes the limits of brushless RC boating with a revolutionary 17-inch Self-Righting design and Smart Technology. It is a great Deep-V design that’s perfect for anyone: from the beginner to the avid boater. And, best of all, it has the power and performance to make it capable of hitting 30+ mph!

And we have more!

So, come and find your own fast RC boat at Fundemonium and let the races begin!


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