If there is one thing that all kids have in common, it is a love for parties. And the more parties the better! Of course, the perennial birthday party is a classic mainstay for most kids, but that’s just once every 12 months, and, as any kid will tell you, one party every year isn’t enough.

So, why not parties to celebrate sports events, parties to honor scholastic achievements, or parties to mark important anniversaries? In fact, at Fundemonium, we passionately believe that parties can be occasions for simply having fun and a great time with friends and family!

And one of our popular themed parties here at Fundemonium in Rohnert Park is our Animal Creation Party featuring our unique “Build-an-Animal Friend” experience.

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a bunch of stuffed animals, including an owl, a cat, a frog, a badger, a wolf, etc.

A Wild and Wooly Way to Celebrate with Rohnert Park Birthday Parties

For boys and girls, and kids of all ages, few activities are as gratifying and fun as stuffed animal building at an animal creation party at Fundemonium.

When you and your party crew step into Fundemonium, you’ll discover the ultimate destination for unforgettable, tailor-made parties! And one of our favorites is our exclusive ‘Build-an-Animal Friend’ experience, a creative delight for guests of all ages.

Our Build-an-Animal Friend party package invites each guest to fashion and personalize their very own cuddly companion. Every animal arrives as a “blank canvas” along with a T-shirt to be decorated, and a customizable Adoption Certificate to be filled out, marking the beginning of their adventure. To fulfill requests for specific animal preferences, kindly inform us at least two weeks before your scheduled party for a customized selection.

Guided by our seasoned Fundemonium stuffed animal wrangler, your party guests embark on an enthralling journey, carefully stuffing their chosen animals, instilling them with life and personality. Parents or accompanying adults are warmly welcomed to assist the animal wrangler, helping to  ensure a seamless and enjoyable process for everyone involved.

Once their animals are stuffed, your guests can unleash their artistic spirit by designing and coloring a unique T-shirt for their newfound friend. This creative project not only allows each participant to showcase their artistic flair but also deepens their bond with their cuddly companion. And additional outfits for the animals are available for a supplementary cost, offering more avenues for personalization.

Upon completing the adoption certificates, guests then get to engage in entertaining games with their animals or take part in coloring activities, time permitting. A Build-an-Animal Friend party promises an immersive and enduring experience suitable for guests of all ages.


How A Build-an-Animal Friend Part Works

Our standard party package caters to 10 guests, ensuring an intimate and tailored event. For larger gatherings, additional guests can be accommodated for a fee of $30 per person. At Fundemonium, our commitment lies in crafting exceptional experiences that align with your individual preferences, surpassing every expectation.

Book your Build-an-Animal Friend party now and let the wild and whimsical adventure unfold! And remember, a Fundemonium Build-an-Animal Friend Party sees 10 friends arriving at the party and 20 friends leaving home with joy-filled hearts!

Every Fundemonium party includes:

  • A selection of our popular Party Themes, customizable to your liking.
  • A dedicated Party Host to guide and manage activities.
  • A 2-hour celebration: 30 minutes in the Wonderground activity area for guest arrivals, 1 hour of engaging activities, and 30 minutes in a Party Room for cake and presents.
  • Fundamental party essentials provided by Fundemonium: tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and basic decorations.
  • Your personalized touch: Bring your own cake and special decorations.
  • Inclusion of up to 10 guests in the party price, with an option to add more for a nominal fee.
  • Hassle-free setup and cleanup handled by our team.

And don’t forget that for more delicious options and party food “upgrades” you can simply order from our Party Menu offerings that feature great food, drink, cake, and Party Bag choices. Or simply choose to go with a $30 food service fee and bring your own food – and we will provide the essentials such as  plates, cups, napkins, and serving help.


a small person's hands feeding an oversized stuffed rabbit

There’s Nothing Quite Like Stuffed Animal Building with Our Build-an-Animal Friend Party

As most parents know, planning the ultimate birthday party for your child can be a challenge. But fortunately for those looking to host a Rohnert Park birthday party, you need to look no further than Fundemonium. And once you’re here, you’ll quickly discover that, in addition to being the premier venue for a special Build-an-Animal Friend party, we are also the ultimate destination for the best toys, games, and hobby items in Sonoma County.

We are an awesomely fabulous place for kids’ birthday parties. In fact, we are premier headquarters for all kinds of family fun – including Rohnert Park birthday parties! And in addition to the fun of an animal creation party, you’ll find the biggest selection of quality toys, games, kits, and hobby items. But there are also many other fun things to do at Fundemonium. 

We are also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can meet, enjoy creative fun, and participate in a wide variety of local events. In addition to all that, we have an excellent selection of craft kits, games, toys, RC toys, and other hobby products for your entire family.

You can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Fundemonium – known affectionately as Fundemoniacs – are quite serious about helping you have fun. And we do so because our primary mission is to put the “Fun” in Fundemonium!

We always respond quickly to website inquiries about any of our parties, products, and events. And you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701. Just give us a call during our business hours to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.

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