With all of the major online shopping options and giant box stores with toy departments selling the same thing that everyone else has – it’s hard to find good, local stores for something unique and hard-to-find. Which is why, when you come to Fundemonium you’ll quickly discover that we’re much more than just a local “toy store near me.”

We know how it is. You’re looking a special gift for that special child in your life, but the malls and shopping centers really aren’t working for you. And buying something online is not only impersonal, but it prevents you from seeing and handling items yourself.

And when it comes to toys, games, and hobby gifts, being able to touch it and see it yourself truly matters.

This is why we created Fundemonium – to be the best toy and hobby shop in the wine country; a place where adults and children of all ages can experience creative fun, and a place where you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


Fundemonium: Your Premier Local Toy Store Near YouFundemonium Hector Checkout Family

With the technology and access to information that we all hold in our hands, it’s certainly understandable that your first impulse is to open your smartphone and search for “Toy Store Near Me” or “Hobby Shop Near Me.”

And, while you’ll certainly get results, it’s hard to know what those stores really provide and what the extent of their inventory and variety might be. Far too often, chain toy stores stock and sell the same “Top 40” selections that their corporate marketing data-crunchers dictate. And far too often, so-called “hobby shops” are just large, generic craft supply stores that happen to have some random hobby items here and there.

To make matters worse, most of these places aren’t inviting, interesting, or fun. But, at Fundemonium, we believe that toy, game, and hobby shopping should be not only enjoyable but FUN!

Of course, to be fair, we’ve never thought of ourselves as just a “toy store.”

In fact, we’ve always promoted ourselves as having “A World of Fun In Store” and as being a place for finding joy in sharing interests and creativity with friends and family, as well as being a community of creative fun. And being the home for the best toys, hobbies, and games in Sonoma County is simply frosting on the cake!

Speaking of cake… Fundemonium is also one of the top Birthday party places in Rohnert Park.

And, in addition to hosting custom-themed Birthday Parties, we also offer a wide range of events from weekly role-playing games to racing RC cars to slot car racing and much, much more!



Hobbies, Toys, Games, and Lots of Fun – The Ultimate Toy Store Recipe

Fundemonium wants to be your favorite “toy store near me” and we make fun one of our top priorities. And that means making sure that our selections of toys, hobby products, and games are not only fun to do and play with, but that there’s tons of them, too.

The Game is Afoot

When it comes to games, especially family games, you can never go wrong with board games. In fact, despite the fact that family board games have been around for generations, their popularity continues to grow.

And do we have games!

From classics like Clue, Monopoly, and Candyland to recent favorites such as Catan and Ticket to Ride, we’ve got more family board games than you can shake some dice at. Of course, games come in all shapes, types, and sizes…

Looking for something a bit more immersive? We’ve got role-playing games, or RPGs, which let players take on the roles of imaginary characters who engage in adventures and battles. For those with steely nerves and a great deal of dexterity, games like Jenga are just the ticket. And, with summer upon us, outdoor games like Basket Heads and family badminton can’t be beat.

Getting Down and DirtySpring RC Camp 2018

For many kids, toys such as classic Tonka trucks are what put the “fun” in fundamental play toys.

But not all of them are made for dirt, even if they are building things there. For example, construction toys come in a variety of types. In addition to the always popular LEGO® blocks, we have GraviTrax sets for constructing amazing and dynamic marble runs.

RC cars are much more than toys though, technically speaking, that’s what they are. But don’t tell that to your 30-something buddy who’s been racing or mudding RC cars and trucks since high school!

Fundemonium’s RC Base is Sonoma County’s “RC Central” when it comes to anything that flies, drives, floats, and plows fields.

For games, toys, and hobby items that you’ll likely not find anywhere else, Fundemonium is definitely the “toy store near you” to bookmark as one of your favorites!


Fundemonium: Your Local Game, Toy, and Hobby Emporium and Fun Center

For the best toy, game, and hobby items in Sonoma County, come to Fundemonium, Rohnert Park’s premier headquarters for fun. Here you’ll not only find the biggest selection of quality toys, games, kits, hobby items but you can discover many fun things to do here, as well!

Like we’ve said here already, Fundemonium is much more than a toy store or hobby shop.

We are also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can meet and enjoy creative fun and participate in a wide variety of local events. In addition, we have an excellent selection of science kits, games, toys, and hobby products for your entire family.

And you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff makes it their business to help you have fun because our mission is to put the “Fun” in Fundemonium!

We always do our best to quickly respond to website inquiries about card games (and more!), or you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701.

Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.


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