Imagine a toy that is something of a mash-up between an old-fashioned squirt gun and a more modern pellet gun. Except that, instead of a stream of water, the toy shoots small pellets. And, instead of hard pellets with marking paint, the pellets are wet and disintegrate on impact, leaving almost nothing but water.

That’s a rough idea of the science behind Gel Blasters.

According to a Wikipedia entry,

“The gel beads are… easily transported in packets and only require soaking in water for a few hours prior to playing. Another feature is the ease of cleaning, since the gel beads are made up [of] water in over 98% of mass and volume, and will break upon impact and simply dehydrate into tiny biodegradable slush powder fragments afterwards.”

But the real science is in the composition of the amazing beads or Gellets.

Without getting too geeked out with an explanation, Gellets are made from beads of Superabsorbent polymer, SAP, that are small and dry before use.

But what is an SAP?

Superabsorbent polymers, or slush powder as it’s often called, have the ability to absorb and retain extremely large amounts of a liquid relative to its own mass.

These water-absorbing polymers can soak up aqueous solutions, such as plain water, by bonding hydrogen with water molecules. How much water they can absorb depends on the ionic concentration of the aqueous solution. For example, an SAP can often absorb up to 300 times its weight in deionized and distilled water.

So, what does this all look like when you’re playing with your Gel Blaster?

You simply soak the tiny gel pellets, or “Gellets,” in water and watch them expand to full size. When they are shot with a Gel Blaster, they easily burst upon impact and completely disintegrate once they dry. No stains, no mess, no clean up.

And Fundemonium has everything you need to equip you for hours of Gel Blaster target shooting fun!


Gel Blaster Ammo Tubs in Orange or Blue


The ultimate method for storing your “ready-to-shoot” Gel Blaster Gellets – already soaked in water or strained in the Gel Blaster Collapsible Ammo Tub. This way, you’ll always be ready when your Gel Blaster ammo hopper needs to be refilled.

These orange, or blue, one and half gallon buckets can hold over 15, 000 Gellets. Fully extended, they stand eight inches in height and 10.5 inches in width. When empty and collapsed, they are just two inches high for easy storage.

These handy Gel Blaster Gellet containers have a built-in strainer for draining excess water without losing any of your Gellets in the process. A secure lid and carry handle easy transporting of your Gellet ammo on the go.


10,000 Piece Gel Blaster Gellets in Orange or Blue


Load up on your ammo stack with these convenient, sealed pouches of dry Gellets. Each packet contains 10,000 Gellet water beads, which are similar to Orbeez, and has enough for hours of wet fun and target shooting. These Gellet pouches come with both orange and blue ammo so you can always maintain your team color!

And when using the Gel Blaster Ammo Tubs, keep in mind that one tub will easily accommodate a full pouch of Gel Blaster Gellets.


Gel Blaster Target and Score Keeper

Perfect your aim with the Gel Blaster Auto Resetting Target.

A great addition for both team score-keeping or individual target practice with your Gel Blasters, the target base is 9.5 inches across, 4 inches deep, and 6.5 inches high. The three target panels on top automatically reset once they’ve all been hit so you can keep on shooting and improving your skills.

Of course, being interactive makes the entire target shooting experience that much more fun, and the target’s hit indicator uses lights and sounds to let you know when you’ve hit the target. In addition, a large LED score counter keeps all participants up-to-date by actively scoring throughout each shooting round.


Gel Blaster SURGE Gellet Shooters


Recommended for ages 12 and older, the rechargeable Gel Blaster SURGE only uses Gellets and provides hours of good, clean, safe fun anywhere without stains or cleanup

Available in blue or orange, the Gel Blaster shoots water-soaked Gellets at distances up to 100 feet and at 150 feet per second. The Gellets painlessly burst upon impact, are non-toxic, and completely disintegrate once they dry. Eye protection is still recommended, however, because everyone wants to play safe.

The Gel Blasters come with blue or orange color barrel tip sets so you can either engage in hours of fun team play, or work on your individual skills by practicing with the Gel Blaster auto resetting target.

The SURGE comes completely assembled and you simply charge the battery with the USB-C charging cable that is included. Once it’s charged, just fill the included gravity fed hopper with water soaked Gellets and attach the hopper to the top of the SURGE.

Then flip the safety power switch to ”ON” and you’re ready for hours of fun!


Enjoy Summer Fun with Water Based Target Shooting Gel Blasters

Everyone loves target shooting!

Our Fundemoniacs love summer because there are so many fun things to do and especially when it comes to water play. And there’s something especially fun when you can combine water and target shooting. Which is why Gel Blasters are simply so much fun!

Kids love them and you’ll love them, too, because they are both fun and safe, and won’t create a mess like some other water toys like water balloons. Explore all the ways you can have fun with these unique and addicting water-based pellets. And don’t forget – we have a boatload of other fun summer toys for indoor and outdoor play.

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