Are you an RC racing fan? Well, it’s been over a month since Christmas and racing your new RC car around your driveway, and your residential street is getting old. It’s time for some new challenges, some new venues. Yes, you’re getting a bit bored.

So, you find yourself checking your phone for “RC tracks near me,” and you find something called Fundemonium.

But isn’t that just a toy store in Rohnert Park? Actually, when you come in to check out the RC track, you’ll soon find that Fundemonium is a toy store, a game shop, a hobby store, and – perhaps best of all – an RC hobby store!

As Rohnert Park’s premier RC hobby shop and home of a killer RC track, you and The Crew will find that Fundemonium is much more than just a hobby or toy store – it’s a place for RC racing and its very own Winner’s Circle.


Fundemonium – Where You and The Crew Can Experience a New Level of RC RacingFundemonium RC Racing

Think of it this way: you can sit around at home and play The Crew with friends and people you never see, or you can come down to Fundemonium and experience real-world RC racing with friends and people you will soon know as friends.

A great idea is to join in on our Friday Night 1RC Oval Racing.

1RC uses radio control cars that are 1/18 scale. These cars and our superb oval racetrack let you experience full-scale RC oval racing in a fun place along with your friends and family. The cool thing about 1RC is that they are designed and built to resemble the real racing cars that race on oval dirt and asphalt tracks all over the United States.

For casual runs or timed races on a huge, oval racetrack, come and join us on Friday nights!


Fundemonium: Where Else Can You Make a Party Out of RC Racing?

Got a birthday coming up? How about a friend’s birthday? Or maybe you can just celebrate the joy of racing your RC cars or trucks with friends?

These are all great reasons for having an RC Party at Fundemonium!

You and your friends (and family!) can spend an afternoon racing scale radio controlled cars on our indoor foam track while enjoying food, drinks, cake, and even Party Bags. That’s two hours of hosted fun and friendly competition on our vast, indoor RC racetrack.

And if someone in your family or one or more of your friends has never experienced the fun and thrill of operating and driving an RC car, this is a terrific way to introduce them.

So, how does it work?

Here’s a brief overview of the “mechanics” of our RC Parties:

  • Guests are introduced to how to drive radio-controlled cars and get practice time driving around the racetrack.
  • We configure the track and cars based on the age and skill of the guests. We can set up multiple track layouts, jump ramps, and even have a quarter-pipe ramp going up the wall.
  • After each guest has had a chance to practice driving, the racing begins. Guests race three at a time while the other guests act as “pit crew” to place stuck or crashed cars back on the course.
  • A race lasts for two to three minutes.
  • A typical party allows multiple races for each guest, so there is plenty of opportunity to race against all of your friends.



Fundemonium is THE Place for You and The Crew for RC RacingRohnert Park RC Racing At It's Finest

When you need a change of pace – and place – for racing your RC car or truck, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s 1RC Oval racing, enjoying the fun of a huge RC Party, or simply checking out all the great products and learning about RC cars and racing, Fundemonium is your “Winner’s Circle” when it comes to RC racing fun.

And no one wants to miss out on RC racing fun because they have an RC car that needs to be fixed first. If you have a broken vehicle and can’t fix it yourself, we’ve got you covered on that, too! Just bring your damaged or unworking RC vehicle to Fundemonium and our Restoration Station.

At Fundemonium, we love to keep the fun on the track, and we’ll help you get your RC vehicle fixed and back to racing as fast as possible. Oh yeah… and while you’re here, check out all our other RC cars and other remote control toys for kids of all ages – because you really can’t have too many RC toys, right?

Fundemonium really is much, much more than just a toy, hobby, and game store.

We are a “family fun experience” and a unique place where families and hobby enthusiasts of all ages can meet, interact, and play.

At Fundemonium, we offer a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can experience creative fun, a great selection of toys, games, and hobbies for your entire family, and a knowledgeable and friendly staff whose goal is to help you have fun.

We do our best to quickly respond to inquiries about remote control cars (and other toys!) through our website, but you can also find an answer to your question by calling us.

If you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs, you can call us at (707) 540-0701 during our business hours.



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