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What Did Santa Forget? 5 Accessories & Upgrades

As every parent knows, there’s always something else. Maybe it’s batteries. (It’s often batteries, right?) Or maybe the additional wardrobe item for that special doll. And, possibly, it was the back-up battery for the new drone. Whatever it is that Santa might have...

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7+ Best Board Games For Kids in 2021

“There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children's book and the board game.” - Brian K. Vaughan It may be a bit of a stretch to say that everyone loves board games, but there’s no denying their popularity. In fact, North America is the...

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Fundemonium Covid Safety Update for December 2020

Updated December 10th. A new Health Order was handed down to take effect December 12th. Many have asked how it affects Fundemonium and if we are still open. YES. We are open and will remain open under the guidance proposed for the coming weeks. Here is where we stand...

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Cheap And Fast Remote Control Cars In 2020

So, when it comes to remote control or RC cars, what is considered “fast” anyway?   An article at Wikipedia reports that, “In the mid-late 1960s a British company, Mardave, based in Leicester, began to produce commercially viable RC Cars. Their first cars were...

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Try These Fun Arts And Crafts Kits

Arts and crafts. Just the words bring up a wide variety of memories and feelings for adults. Most of us grew up during a time when some form of arts and crafts activities were a regular part of school days. And many of us had the joy of doing various arts and crafts...

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RC Vehicles: The Best Boats, Planes, and Cars

One of the best things about RC vehicles is that they can be - and often are - much more than mere toys. Granted, one could say that they are just “toys for big boys” but they are not only sophisticated pieces of engineering, they’re also for “big girls,” too.  ...

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Writing a Letter to Santa and Making a Gift List

Fundemonium is joining the long tradition of sending letters to Santa. This year, you can send your letter to Santa from Fundemonium! Scroll to the bottom of this post for details about how your child can drop off a letter to Santa at Fundemonium and how to fill out a...

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The 3 Fastest Remote Control Cars For Adults

Everyone is different. Some like to fly “low and slow” and prefer cruising over racing. Others, however, love “high and fast” and want to experience speed. And even adults like to play with toy cars! Remote Control Cars for Every Style If you’re a grown-up that loves...

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Fundemonium is your Fun Event Headquarters!

We love having events for our dedicated modelers, rc enthusiasts, miniature painters and gamers of all genres. Check below to see the latest in our store events:

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