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Remote Control Toys for Kids

Kids love to use their imaginations.    They revel in make-believe and pretending. Imaginary surroundings and fantastical scenarios fill their play time. But there is something almost magical about remote control toys for kids. It’s like make-believe coming a...

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Fun And Easy Art Projects For Kids

One of the wonderful things about being a kid is being creative. Kids don’t concern themselves with talent, skill, or whether they possess some innate ability to create a piece of art. And they don’t really make a distinction between “art” and “crafts” like adults...

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Amazing Arts and Crafts for Kids

Kids have occupied and entertained themselves with some form of arts and crafts for probably as long as there have been kids. In America, we know that a popular toy for girls was handcrafted from corn husks, for example.  Corn husk dolls had been made by Northeastern...

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The Benefits Of Using A Remote Control Car

When it comes to discussing the various reasons that remote control, or radio control, cars are beneficial to kids, it’s tempting to simply say, “Because they’re fun!” And, while this is certainly true, there are far more benefits for remote control car users than...

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Virtual Model Show, April 2020

The Fundemonium modeling community stepped up to share their photos of scale model tanks, planes, cars, trucks, and science fiction subjects. We had over 26 entries in our Facebook contest and Andrew with his Wildcat was picked as the winner of a Fundemonium Gift...

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Virtual Miniature Paint Show Spring 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Virtual Miniature Paint Show. We had many great entries and Diego had the entry chosen at random to win a gift certificate. Click the pictures to see a larger version, it's worth taking a good look. [gallery...

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Fundemonium is your Fun Event Headquarters!

We love having events for our dedicated modelers, rc enthusiasts, miniature painters and gamers of all genres. Check below to see the latest in our store events:

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