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Acrylic paint, 18ml or .60oz.

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The most popular Aqua Color paints are now available in all 88 shades. It is no longer necessary for the model-builder to compromise.
You can rely on this acrylic paint system for all your colour requirements. The advantages of this painting system:

Revell Aqua Color paints in completely new 18 ml containers are ideal to use:

• The paints can be diluted with water
• The paints have a mild odour
• The paints are not flammable
• The paints contain practically no organic solvents
• The paints can be mixed together
• The paint is totally dry after 2 to 3 hours
• A coat can be overpainted after just one hour, 6 times faster that with Email Color enamels
• The new paints can be overpainted on existing Email Color enamel paints (14 ml) without difficulty after the proper drying period, but cannot be mixed together.