Almost any toy can be unsafe.

Kids can notoriously put untold numbers of foreign objects into their nostrils, for example. And many a small child has had to have a LEGO® brick or some other small toy item removed from their noses by medical personnel.

Not to mention the seemingly instinctive tendency for kids to use toys in ways that they were never intended to be used – often with painful results. 

However, when certain toys that might be used in dangerous or painful ways are given to children along with parental instruction for their safe and proper use, things can go much smoother. And kids can learn to have great fun with their toys while staying safe.


Toys, Kids, and Trips to the Emergency RoomToys, Kids, and Trips to the Emergency Room

A report released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that in 2020, there were nearly 150,000 toy-related emergency room visits for children ages 14 and younger. That’s over 400 visits to an emergency department every day!

And, as a side note, it’s not just the kids that got hurt with toys – almost 50,000 people over the age of 14 made a visit to their local ER that year, as well for toy-related injuries. 

So, which types of toys were the culprits in these thousands of injuries?

Well, not so surprisingly, non-motorized scooters were involved in almost a quarter of all toy-related injuries for kids between the ages of 5 and 14. However, right behind that category, the next largest group of injuries resulted from toy balls. 

Who would have thought that toys could be so dangerous?

Of course, it’s usually not the toys that are to blame. Yes, the occasional small toys present a very real choking hazard for small children. And there’s the periodic recall of malfunctioning or potentially dangerous toys due to manufacturing or design flaws.

And then there’s simply “kids being kids” with often predictable results.


How to Have Safe Fun with Action Toys Like Socker BoppersSocker boppers

There are probably many older parents and even some grandparents who still remember this fun toy. 

Okay, so some adult kids still remember getting knocked around by older siblings far more often than they liked. And there are numerous websites that include the venerable as one of the more “dangerous” toys kids were given back in the 1970s and again in the 1990s.

However, like many other controversies, the toy itself was not dangerous but could lend itself to some unsafe play practices. 

According to Wikipedia

“Socker Boppers were first made and sold by Centsable Products, Inc., in the 1970s, when the toy was a top 10 best-seller among all toys.”

While some parents may cringe at the thought of giving what are essentially “boxing gloves” to children, the renewed popularity of the most recent incarnation of  Socker Boppers proves that kids love to play with these inflatable pillow mitts. 

With the packaging copy stating, “For boys & girls… indoors & outdoors,” the idea being stressed is that these air-inflated vinyl gloves are meant for fun, not boxing. 

And, as the old ad copy that’s still being used promises, Socker Boppers are, “more fun than a pillow fight!”

So, what could be dangerous about playing with plastic, air-filled punching pillows?

Aside from being pummeled mercilessly by your big brother, playing with Socker Boppers is a lot of fun as long as common sense “rules” are followed. And we would say that “Rule Number One” is to never hit your opponent in the face. 

In addition, repeatedly bopping the other kid on the head should be discouraged, as well.

Many parents would agree that, while these toys are inherently harmless, since “kids will be kids,” it can be a good idea to always have a parent nearby to monitor and intervene, if necessary.

But, best of all, these are fun toys that are both simple to use, engaging, portable, and can be played inside or out.


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