In spite of the decorations, the music, the favorite Christmas movies, and animated specials, despite all the trappings that make the holidays so special, the giving and receiving of holiday gifts is at the heart of it all.

Our modern, or fairly modern, version of holiday gift-giving dates back to ancient times and various pagan traditions often connected to Saturnalia and other rituals. The Christian tradition can be traced back to a time when various pagan practices were “sanctified” and melded into Christian practices.

However, Christmas gifts, especially for children, has a fairly recent origin.

According to one article,

“Critics of the commercialization of Christmas tend to attribute the growth of holiday gift-giving to corporate marketing efforts. Although such efforts did contribute to the magnitude of the ritual, the practice of buying Christmas presents for children predates the spread of corporate capitalism in the United States: It began during the first half of the 1800s, particularly in New York City, and was part of a broader transformation of Christmas from a time of public revelry into a home- and child-centered holiday.”

Today, despite the spurious claims of pagan origins, finding and giving holiday gifts is distinctly American of sorts.


When Gift-Giving Means More Than Black Friday and Cyber Monday DealsWhen Gift-Giving Means More Than Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Everyone likes to save money, and the advent of online sales and other incentives have made it an almost obligatory pursuit when gift shopping. However, there is something in each of us that yearns to find that “perfect” gift for our loved ones and close friends.

At Fundemonium, we understand that desire and have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the very best in toys, games, crafts, hobbies, and more.

While the lure of online shopping is understandable and hard to ignore, there is something much more meaningful and gratifying about gift-giving that involves forethought, searching, and deliberating in person.

In fact, the absolute best gifts are those chosen and given with the recipient fully in mind, which is why, perhaps, selecting the best holiday gifts for your family can be so challenging.


Holiday Gift Shopping that Makes the Whole Experience Merry and Bright

Successfully finding and choosing the “best” gifts for your children and significant others can be challenging and even a bit frustrating. With that in mind, the folks at Fundemonium are offering up some helpful tips for finding the best holiday gifts for your family and friends.


Don’t Mistake Price for Value

Children rarely care about how much you spend on them. They might gauge the “quality” of their gifts by the size of the package or by the sheer number of presents with their names on them. But price does not equate to value in the minds of most children.

A $20 toy that captivates your child and becomes a favorite has far more worth and value than a $200 device that ends up sitting on a shelf in the closet.


Spend Time Looking and Browsing

Gift-giving from the heart takes some time invested. As one blog writer noted,

“Just because you enter a store doesn’t mean that you have to leave with a bag full of items. If you expect to buy something at the first store you enter, you’re going to end up settling for a gift.”


Think About Your Recipient’s Deeper InterestsThink About Your Recipient’s Deeper Interests

For some kids, which can be relatively easy. Who doesn’t like dinosaurs, for example? Or maybe it’s another obvious obsession, like a particular online game universe or a book series. But there are also interests that may benefit from a timely holiday gift that turns them into favorite pastimes.


Think Outside the (Gift) Box

Gift guides can be helpful, but every child and every parent and adult is unique. Just because something is “all the rage” this year does not mean it will be the best gift for your loved one. A recent article, for example, offered this bit of advice,

“Consider giving an experience instead of a tangible gift or give a gift that lets older kids channel their creative side.”


Consider Gifts that Can Be Shared

Tablets, smartphones, new socks, and other personal items can be great gifts. Okay, socks… not so much. But gifts that can be shared with family and friends can be even more memorable, gratifying, and – for kiddos – much more fun.

Board games, card games, tickets-for-two to movies, hosted party celebrations… the list is really quite long of the various gifts or experiences you could give that are also shareable.


The Best Place in Sonoma County for the Best Holiday Gifts

You’ll discover hundreds of popular and fun toys, games, hobby items, craft kits, supplies, and much more for your holiday gift-giving at Fundemonium. Whether it’s simply a collection of fun and unique stocking stuffers, or the latest in the best role-playing games, we have just what you need to put huge smiles on the faces of your young friends and family this Christmas.

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