For most kids, the single most important day in the world – right up there with Christmas – is their birthday.

Many is the young child who has spent weeks, if not months, daydreaming of that day and the presents to be opened. And, of course, the party!

What is a birthday celebration without a party? And what is a birthday party without friends?


Oh, The Places You Can Go… For a Fun Birthday Party

Depending on the time of year and the weather, Sonoma County offers a great variety of places to go, things to see, and activities to do. But finding something or someplace that is both kid-friendly, convenient to get to, and fun for everyone can be a challenge.

And this is especially true for kids’ birthday party places.

Sure, you can just have all the kiddies over to your house and let them trash the living room and the backyard or patio. And then clean up the cake pieces, dropped ice cream, and all the other detritus that will be left when the fun is done and the party’s over. That’s the typical kids’ birthday party scenario.

Or you can go to Fundemonium.

“Seriously?” you ask. “Isn’t that just a toy and hobby store?” 

Actually, it is all that and much, much more. In fact, we like to think of Fundemonium as THE party place in Rohnert Park. Situated in the heart of Sonoma County, we are host to numerous parties of all kinds, and we specialize in kids’ birthday parties.



When It Comes to Birthdays, The Party’s the Thing

While a birthday party for kids is not on the level of Hamlet (yes, that was a Shakespeare reference), it can still be a grand and memorable event for your child.

And a special party event for a child’s birthday can be subtle, yet effective means of turning the focus away from merely gifts and presents and to the significance of the event itself. Having a special venue, an abundance of friends and family, and a truly memorable party experience, can make a birthday celebration a day to remember for any child.

Fundemonium is not only one of the best kids’ birthday party places in Rohnert Park and the rest of Sonoma County, but we have a great variety of party themes to delight every child.

From Play Parties for younger children to Animal Friend parties for lovers of stuffed animals to Science Parties for STEM kids and those who love fun and weird science experiments, there’s so much to see and do! Party games for kids? We’ve got them – lots of them!

Two entire hours of fun and excitement that includes casual activities to keep everyone having fun while your guests arrive, and more time afterward in a Party Room to have birthday cake and open the highly anticipated presents.

And then there’s the main party event!


A Few Great Birthday Party Ideas at Fundemonium

At Fundemonium, we love helping our friends and neighbors create custom party events, including birthday parties! Sometimes, we all need a little creative help, which is why we will share with you some of our most popularly requested birthday party ideas. Remember, you don’t have to feel confined to one of these party ideas, you’re free to contact us today to make your own custom birthday party!


Radio Control Car Racing Party

RC Party 071121 02It’s not just for boys. RC racing on a professional RC car track is a great idea for birthday kids ages six and up. And with a Fundemonium Radio Control Car Racing party, they will get to race scale radio controlled cars on our indoor foam track. Guests will be shown how to drive RC cars and practice driving around the racetrack.

The track and cars will be configured to suit the age and skill of the guests and we can set up multiple track layouts with jump ramps and even a quarter-pipe ramp going up the wall! After guests have all had a chance to practice driving, the racing begins. Guests race three at a time while the other guests act as the “pit crew” to put stuck or crashed cars back on the racetrack.

A typical party allows multiple races for each guest, so there is plenty of opportunity to race against all of your friends.


Slot Car Racing Party

Mega Slot car party RaceLooking for an alternative way for your birthday party kid and friends to experience the thrill of “high octane” racing but in a bit more contained environment? Well, a Slot Car Racing Party is just the thing. Like the radio control car racing, this party theme is designed for kids ages six and older.

No need to be searching Google for, “Slot car racing near me.” Just come to Fundemonium and our “Slot Car Central” for a memorable and super fun birthday party.

Your child and guest will get to race scale slot cars around our custom wooden track. And beginners are always welcome. Guests will be introduced to driving slot cars and have plenty of practice time driving around the racetrack. Once they’re ready, the racing begins!

Up to four guests at a time get to race, while the other guests act as “Turn Marshalls” to place wiped-out or crashed cars back on the track. Each race lasts two to three minutes and we announce race results at the end of the party.


Crafty BFF PartyBFF-Party-Crafts

Not every kid likes to race cars. But having fun with their BFFs and making cool crafts together can be one of the most fun and memorable birthday parties ever! And your child can experience all this and more with one of our BFF Parties.

Your special birthday kid can have FUN and get creative with friends. And they can all make crafts to take home too! Some of the creative and crafty fun activities include:

  • Nail coloring with the Spin-the-Nail-Polish Bottle game
  • Mixing custom own lip gloss
  • Painting miniature figures
  • Making art
  • Making friendship bracelets
  • Appling Sparkle Tattoos

And all the guests can take home the crafts that they make.

LEGO Birthday PartyJustin-LEGO-Party-Towers

Could there be a sillier question than “What do kids do at a LEGO party?”

As every parent knows – partly because they loved their LEGOS, too – every kid loves LEGOs. So, what better kids’ birthday idea than to have a LEGO party?

At Fundemonium, we make it easy for your birthday child and friends to have fun playing and building with LEGOs in our store. During the party, all the guests are guided through fun building games and challenges with help from one of our specially trained (and LEGO-loving) Fundemonium assistants.

Afterward, each guest will be able to fill a small bag with LEGO pieces to bring home as a party favor.


Kid’s Birthday Parties at Fundemonium – A Uniquely Fun Way to Celebrate

Fundemonium-Childrens-Birthday-PartyAs we said before, a birthday is one of the biggest highlights in the life of any child. And there is little else that says, “It’s my birthday!” better than a themed birthday party at Fundemonium.

And, as we also said before, that’s possible because Fundemonium is more than a toy and hobby store in Rohnert Park – it’s a fun family experience, where families can meet and explore all the fun toys, games, and hobby items they enjoy.

Fundemonium is also a safe and friendly place where adults and children of all ages can enjoy creative fun. And, of course, we have a great variety of party options to choose from along with all our games, toys, and hobby products for your entire family.

And you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff are serious about helping you have fun.

We always do our best to quickly respond to website inquiries about themed parties (and more!) or you can also find answers to your questions by calling us at (707) 540-0701.

Just give us a call during our business hours if you’d like to speak directly with one of our Fundemoniacs.